Is Global Warming a Hoax

People agree that there is no second opinion on the fact that global warming is a serious problem and must be rectified immediately. Every literate person agrees that global warming is a crucial issue and has many harmful effects on our biosphere. However, recent news conveys the exact opposite.  Research has revealed that global warming is, in fact, not quite hazardous to the environment. Therefore, global warming is referred to as ‘just another hoax’ by many important people. Numerous people claim that global warming is a hoax inflicted on them just like the Y2K and the global freezing issue in the 1960s.

The first person to discover this was Oklahoma senator James Inhofe who claimed it is the ‘greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people’.  John Boehner, the current speaker of the house of U.S. representatives, exclaimed that the fact of carbon dioxide being harmful to the environment is almost comical. Carbon dioxide, in fact, accelerates the procedures of photosynthesis in green plants thus contributing to a more oxygenated environment. Mitt Romney, nominee for U.S. president from the Republican Party, also presumed the issue to be a hoax despite his highly cautious behavior. The people behind the hoax probably have a desire for their financial progress and fear among the citizens.

James Lovelock, a scientist who developed the Gaia theory, admits that he had wrongly predicted extremely hot climate in his recent book. However, we have experienced no large changes in temperature in the last couple of decades.

A physicist, Gordon Fulks confessed that global warming is really a hoax by presenting a paper entitled ‘Global Warming: Climate Orthodoxy Perpetuates a Hoax’ at a meteorological society meeting. He also presented a slide show that provided evidence of global warming clearly being a hoax.

Research published in the journal ‘Nature’ reveals that the ice on the Himalayas and other peaks have not melted at all over the past decade. Professor John Wahr and his team analyzed the data collected by a satellite, Grace and concluded that the amount of ice on these peaks is the same as it was a decade ago.

The claims that global warming is nothing but a hoax might come as a shock for some people, while some might even think that the clams are justified. However, it is not a reasonable thing to rush to a conclusion. The claims of global warming being a hoax have not been proven yet, and there might be many years, even decades or centuries till the claims are proven. Until then, global warming will still be considered as a crucial issue that the earth is facing.