Its Manmade Global Warming that is seen as a Hoax

While most that support the idea that man is largely responsible for this increase in temperature contend that it is because of the increase in CO2 levels due to the burning of fossil fuels. Although CO2 levels have increased during this same period, there is no empirical evidence to support this conclusion. Even the liberal-minded EPA is contradictory in their views of this issue, while concluding that man is responsible for global warming through CO2 emissions, they also readily admit that the CO2 greenhouse gas effect is natural and necessary to sustain life on our planet.

Those who consider “manmade global warming” to be a hoax, merely see this as the money making scam that it is. When Al Gore declared that the debate on “manmade global warming” was over, he was involved with promotions of his 2006 book and movie; “The Inconvenient Truth.” The truth is that Al Gore would never debate any experts on the issue, as the “supposed facts” did not support his claims. In response to claims made by Al Gore in the movie, 31,000 scientists have signed a petition in 2008, against Gore’s claims of man’s responsibility for global warming through CO2 emissions. Several years earlier 15,000 scientists signed a petition against our signing the Kyoto Accords.

Even the Chicago Climate Exchange closed down in November of 2010 after revelations of fraudulent data being used to support the manmade global warming argument by climate research scientists, hiding data contrary to conclusions, and marginalizing dissenters. Richard Sandor, who founded CCX reportedly made 98 million by selling CCX. Al Gore sold off his interests in Generation Investments Management LLP for their 3% share of CCX when sold to International Exchange in 2010. For being so passionate about manmade global warming causing the demise of earth’s population, Al Gore sure quickly sold out for profits when future profits looked bleak. The “Cap and Trade” legislation was viewed as being a trillion dollar a year business for both governments and these venture capitalists. Another interesting thing to take note of is that Barack Obama was chairman of the Joyce Foundation Board when it gave funding to establish the CCX in 2000.

Rather than being ignorant and narrow-minded folks that deny the facts, those that disagree with man-made global warming demand real facts, rather than buying into speculative conclusions in support of these modern day snake-oil salesmen.