Global Warming Hoax Targets the Vulnerable

The idea of global warming is a hoax.  Not the actual warming of the planet, that is real.  But the idea that “you” personally are to blame. That it is all a scam to undermine a consumer lifestyle, and/or that anyone other than immensely profitable corporations benefit from the “hoax.” is proven.  For example, it is demonstrably false, that Al Gore, or any environmentalist, can show they profit more than polluters. If this is so, it will be a cooler day on the planet, since just beneath it, hell will freeze over.

There is a real reason why some people believe global warming is a hoax.  Some people are threatened with lost revenue, the highest profits on earth.  These “people” are mostly corporations.  Yet, it is the real people who are threatened with losing their lifestyle. Actual people are told they are to blame. And all humans are led by what they perceive to be their own best interests. Also, the problem is framed as overwhelming, alarmist and dire, instead of one which most courageous and determined citizens are capable of tackling. Conservation alone, if people were welcomed aboard enthusiastically, would help change hearts and minds. Until these are changed, the hot debate will sear onward and upward, along with tempers and temperatures.

The world is warmer.  The debate  is about why. The year 2012, so far, is recorded to be the hottest six months yet recorded according to the National Climatic Data Center.  Few argue that there are deaths daily from pollution and diminished air, water and land quality. That it would be wise for people to live sustainably, and have a higher quality of life, is also (ridiculously) debated. One wonders why this should be.  The obvious answer is that very profitable enterprises that have come to rely upon false, and subsidized profits, as a matter of course. Dirty fuel proponents use far more of their record breaking funds to discredit science and to continue to woo the public.  They often cite how people do not want to give up their quality of life, or change “entitled” lifestyles. 

That “quality of life” now pumps more than seven billion tons of C02 in our atmosphere per day, and that is only in the USA.  Lost forests from wildfires, severe storms, roasted crops, floods, and so much more, such as acidified oceans, lost biodiversity, melting sea ice and rising oceans are not vague threat, but a reality happening now.  It is well documented today.

There are many people with a vested interest in clean air, water, food and land, but few that realize it.  Dirty fuel proponents invariably warn people their right to free choice is threatened.  Yet, when asked, most people report they would prefer clean and sustainable choices.  Human beings do love nature and love life, they just feel helpless. Most feel physically, mentally, emotionally and in every way happier about doing what they believe is right.

That the modern lifestyle sold by dirty energy is improved, happier, more connected and less toxic is just to be assumed by a gullible public. But people are not happier; they are stressed, disconnected from belonging in community, and dismal about constant “bad” news for which they seem to be being blamed. Big Energy says “They are blaming it all on you, populace.” Environmentalists say: “We should support cleaner energy and hold polluters responsible.”  Does anyone out there sense this subtle difference in who benefits, and who is “blamed?”

There is the earth. There is the consumption of the earth. And there are those who want neither to take more than they give, or to be consumed themselves. When given a clear choice, people choose to have a higher quality of life, planet, and free will.