Why Global Warming is a Hoax

For nearly 30 years now, we’ve heard about the terrors of our impending and immediate global warming. It would be a valid concern if it weren’t a hoax. Unfortunately, it is indeed a hoax, and people are gradually beginning to realize it.

To begin with, ‘heating’ and ‘cooling’ implies weather rather than climate. Climate is the average over a period of time. The global warming theory simply doesn’t bear out, in regard to climate.

For example, in the last few decades, many places in the world have suffered drought, while others have been flooded at roughly the same time. On a yearly basis, some have been unusually hot while others have been unusually cold. Concentrating on either seems to support whichever theory a person supports, but it falls far short of anything even approaching proof.

The fact is that what has happened recently, in the last few years, supports the global cooling theory more closely than the global warming one. For example, the global warming theory predicted that from the time of Hurricane Katrina and moving forward, the sea would continue to get progressively hotter, and the storms would become more frequent and severe.

What has happened, though, is that the ocean temperature fluctuated but didn’t take a huge upturn, there were fewer storms, and the ones there were, happened with less intensity than expected. This falls in line with the global cooling scenario.

In fact, the area was hit by far fewer and less severe storms than in a long time. There is no doubt that they will be hit hard, as they have been every few years, but this is normal and what has happened for many years. There hasn’t been an increase.

Global warming theory predicted abnormally warm winters, worldwide.

What actually happened is that in the winters of 2008 and 2009, more snow fell on places in the US, China, and Russia than ever recorded before. Record low temperatures were recorded in most countries in the far north. According to NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration), several glaciers in the north, which had been melting, became larger

It has continued into 2010. Oregon had the wettest April on record. Australia is having one of the coldest winters they’ve ever had. Again, this more closely matches the global cooling theory than the global warming theory.

Temperatures and precipitation, globally, have fluctuated for billions of years. Most of the time, the earth has been far hotter than it is now, and there were no ice caps. For 11,000 years, the globe has been warming. If it hadn’t been, most of the areas in the northern hemisphere inhabited by man would still be covered by ice. It wasn’t quite as bad in the southern hemisphere, because there are more oceans to distribute temperatures.

Has the globe warmed up? Yes, as far as we know, considering that most weather stations that we now have didn’t exist a century ago, a good guess is that the temperature in 100 years has warmed by .3 to .7 degrees Fahrenheit. Many organizations, including NOAA, have documented this change. In the past decade, though, the temperatures have been dropping. This could be a fluctuation, as could be the increase in temperatures earlier.

The hoax is perpetrated to get people to become so worried that they will do things they normally wouldn’t, and to ultimately pad somebody’s pocket. The politicians make money by propounding the myth, and the media does too. There never has been wide scientist support for the idea, but the ones who did support it, and who don’t directly benefit from their stance, are quickly jumping ship.

Could there actually be global warming, signaled in the last century? Sure. Could this be the beginning of a new ice age? Sure. We honestly don’t have enough data, and don’t have the knowledge to really use the data we have, in order to figure it out. Until we do, global warming and global cooling are nothing more than a weak attempt to predict the future. Man has been trying to do that for thousands of years, but they are no closer to being able to now, than they were back then.

Until real global warming has been proven, it is no more than a hoax. To date, it hasn’t been proven by anyone. All that have been given are a few (surprisingly few) opinions, without sound factual basis.