Nppr Member Benefits

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR is the largest membership organization devoted solely to pollution prevention.

Co-Chair of NPPR’s Pollution Prevention Policy and Integration Committee for NPPR Ken Zarker describes the NPPR
mission in today’s society. “The journey toward a more sustainable future is driven by passion for (pollution) prevention. A vision of a new “green economy” is based on an ethic of source reduction, safer chemical alternatives and products, technical innovation and education.”

When asked what benefits membership in NPPR holds, a long recitation of both tangible and networking assets ensued.

National Meetings

members enjoy reduced fees for national meetings which promote pollution prevention (P2) networking and information exchange on various P2 topics.

Journal of Cleaner Production

Members save $700 annually on journal subscription. The Journal is a peer-reviewed and contains information on P2 practices and cleaner production methods.

Electronic Newsletters

are distributed bi-monthly and bi-weekly, respectively. Members receive updates for scheduled events, policy changes and P2 program information timely.


Up to 24 webinars featuring the work of P2 work of NPPR associates each year connect P2 participants from around the globe. Members have access to NPPR sponsored webinars free of charge. Webinars can run $200 per session.

Web Resources

A special area of the web site is set aside for members only to aid in decisions about P2 programs, implementation, advocacy and education.


Members save up to $3,000 per speech for NPPR representatives to appear as keynote or panel speakers on P2 and related concerns or issues.


NPPR presents customized P2 training to members at cost, saving members as much as $5,000 per training.

National Point of Contact

Through NPPR’s
extensive network, it serves as a point of contact for members with Federal agencies, like the EPA, and foreign national governments including Brazil, Morocco, the Netherlands, Korea and Hong Kong.

MVP2 Awards

National P2 Week on the third Monday of September. During NP2W, NPPR
delivers the Most Valuable P2 Awards to local, state, Federal and tribal governments, industry and individuals in recognition for P2 efforts.


Members are invited to benefit from participating in workgroups. Workgroups play a major role in disseminating P2 information, organizing national meetings, and creating and reviewing NPPR documents. Each workgroup has a different focus.

Local Government Workgroup: Strengthen local government effectiveness, engage communities in P2 practice and promote communication to minimize duplication of efforts.

Policy & Integration Workgroup: Monitor state and Federal P2 policy including chemical policy, P2 planning and performance-based regulation.

Small Business Workgroup: Exchange environmental ideas and experiences pertaining to the P2 of small businesses including measuring and reporting measures, challenges and successes in small businesses requesting assistance, P2 initiatives and sustainability programs and strategies to engage more small businesses to implement P2 practices.

Research/Technology/Energy Workgroup: Encourage P2, process innovation, safer materials and energy sustainability through new technologies. With an EPA grant, RTE Workgroup is collaborating on technology diffusion.

Sustainability Workgroup: Identify need for change to bring sustainable P2 actions to all programs; research and monitor sustainable pilots and projects implemented by local, state and Federal governments, academic institutions and businesses.

Tribal Workgroup: Work with tribes across America to reduce environmental and health risks associated with waste on tribal lands by collaborating with tribal environmental entities, local, state and Federal governments, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

P2 Results Taskforce Workgroup: Developing core national P2 measures, web-based aggregation tools and reports on measures. This is a joint effort of NPPR and Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx including regional representatives and the P2Rx Center, EPA headquarters and regional offices.

Lean & P2 Workgroup: Share information, tools and approaches on focus areas. This workgroup is led by EPA with representatives from NPPR.


offers an unrivaled networking opportunity to P2-minded individuals, businesses, academics, government entities and organizations. Joining NPPR gives the security of other members who support your personal and corporate P2 ideals.

Join NPPR today.