Reactions regarding Plutos Reclassification

Now that Pluto has been demoted from a planet to…ah…ah…ah…what is is called now ? I think I heard one guy with a beard call it a dwarf Planet. Isn’t the word dwarf in this case an adjective ? Isn’t he just saying that Pluto is a small Planet ? Wouldn’t it be incorrect to call Pluto a small Planet if it isn’t a Planet? You guys with the beards have to come up with something much more intelligent than dwarf Planet for an object that isn’t a Planet.

OHH I know ! How about a calling Pluto a “Giant Snowball?!”
Yeah ! I like that ! From now on I will refer to Pluto as that giant snowball in the sky.

Now the question is what do we call that object orbiting Pluto. I guess we can’t call it a moon or satellite. I don’t see how a non Planet could have a moon. Maybe we can call it a “Giant Pebble?” Yeah ! That sounds good to me. From now on I will refer to that object orbiting Pluto as that giant pebble orbiting that giant snowball in the sky7.

Wait a minute ! I just thought of something. It seems to me that now Pluto has been identified as a non Planet because it technically doesn’t fit a group of guys with beards idea of what a Planet really is, we must examine all the moons of our solar system too. It is blatantly obvious to me that these so called moons aren’t all exactly alike. With further examination I am sure a good number would have to be declassified to giant snowballs and giant pebbles. Take that moon orbiting Mars that looks like a giant potato. That would be the first one I single out for declassification. After all we must be technically correct now that we declassified Pluto. We can’t have objects that look giant potatoes being classifieds as moons. We have beards and that makes us smart and intellectually superior.

Now when one of your kids asks, “how many Planets are there in our solar system?” you can answer them by saying “There are eight planets and one giant snowball dear”.