Defining Pluto

My definition of Pluto – Pluto is a “GIANT SNOWBALL”

I say it is because dwarf planet is still a planet and an unacceptable name for something that is not a planet. Dwarf planet means small planet. How can you call a non-planet a small planet? You would think that professionals who are smart enough to say Pluto is not a planet could tell us a real name for what it is now. Small planet is unacceptable and stupid. Giant Snowball is closer to the truth whether they want to admit it or not. All those years of college and dwarf planet is all they come up with?

I also need to mention that Charon is no longer a satellite or moon because a non-planet can not have a moon. They have to come up with a name for it now and dwarf moon isn’t acceptable either.

Now that Pluto has been demoted , singled out, picked on etc…reclassified is unacceptable because there are plenty of other objects in the solar system that are not what their name is either. Why this hasn’t been addressed for more than a year shows me Pluto has been singled out. If I was going to single out an object it would be that “GIANT POTATO” orbiting Mars. There is no way in hell that is a moon. Any fool can see that is an asteroid. I don’t need a group of intellectuals to decide that it is an asteroid or not.It is shaped like a potato for god’s sake !.It is also much easier to observe than Pluto and is much more unusual than Pluto. The amazing thing to me is that so much focus has been on Pluto when there are plenty of so-called moons that aren’t moons right in their face and they start with one of the furthest objects in the solar system to demote. They opened up a huge can of worms now and will be forced to deal with all the moons sooner or later because they are out there and aren’t going anywhere soon.

Lastly I also need to mention that our planet Earth is named wrong. Look at a photo of it and you will see that it is much more correct if we change the name to “WATER WORLD” After all we must be correct right? It’s all about being correct isn’t it? That’s the defense i hear for demoting Pluto.

Hey don’t get annoyed at me if you defend the change. I am just pointing out how stupid it is to be correct all the time.

“Mommy? How many planets are there”? “There are 8 planets and one GIANT SNOWBALL dear”.