The Myth of Mans Effect on Global Warming

Global temperatures correlate very well with solar activity and not at all with the use of hydrocarbons by human beings.This is the conclusion of an extensive scientific atmospheric study by three eminent scientists at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine: Arthur and Noah Robinson and Willie Soon.Their 12-page and extensively referenced paper published in the peer-reviewed Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons in December 2007 well demonstrates the lies that are spread by the environmental activist groups that have attempted to spread the fiction that man is the cause of global warming.The paper traces sea surface temperature changes from -1000 BC to 2000 AD. The changes range over some three degrees Centigrade with our present temperatures ranging very slightly below the 3000-year average. Our time is nothing special in the history of climate changes where the highest temperatures occurred well before the birth of Christ apart from a peak at about 1200 AD and a smaller one at 1500 AD.The most convincing evidence for the effect of solar activity on our global temperatures is the almost exact step-by-step correlation between solar activity and arctic air temperatures between 1800 Ad and the present. Humans started using hydrocarbons at the beginning of this period and hugely increased that use after World War II in 1945. Yet the increased use of hydrocarbons shows absolutely no effect (zero’ that is) on global air temperatures.The whole idea pervaded by Greenpeace and other environmental activists such as the misguided Al Gore that human activity is a cause of global warning is simply a self-serving lie. Gore for example deserves his Nobel prize as much as the terrorist Yassar Arafat deserved his Nobel prize for Peace.Be that as it may, the falseness of environmental activist preaching doesn’t mean that global warming is not occurring. It is but we do know that that warming is minor and nothing like what it has been in the past. Furthermore, we do know that it will be followed inevitably by a period of global cooling. Humans have adapted to such changes in the past and will in the future.We also know that changing gasoline to ethanol, installing wind farms and futile solar heating, does nothing for global warming, although it might make a few people rich.Fortunately, the research of the Robinsons and Soon is adding to the list of reputable studies that are all demonstrating that man’s influence on global warming and the whole background to the Kyoto declarations is a global myth.