Global Warming and its Effect on Society

Global warming is on the news all the time. Its a cause of no life on earth. Global warming is affecting parts of the world. Antarctica, Alaska, and north pole, ice capes are melting and animals are dieing. You know the water is rising and temperatures is becoming so dangerous that is making us suffer. We need to stop talking and take action. As you can see weather has already changed. If we don’t do anything about it, we will drown or disease such as bacteria will cause us to get sick and die.

Stopping this matter will change the environment. Its going to take a while but our kids in the future won’t suffer the consequences. Its not hard to stop global warming. We need to ;work as a team and listen to what we need to say. Our society is going crazy. What do you think we should do? Sit there and relaxing waiting until things get worse. The answer is no, we need to take action on what we can do to prevent global changes. Many animals are suffering because of us. We as humans are the cause of global warming. We can save the animals until endangerment.

You know clean energy is helpful. We wouldn’t get sick that easy. Pollution is also a cause maybe if we keep environments clean we can also breathe in clean air because thats how many people get sick. Its easy to throw something in a garbage can. Thats why they invented it. Global warming is a big issue and its going to rise until a certain point that mother nature gives up and lets it take over. Everywhere in the world is driving. Yea its good and you don’t have to walk but look at the same time your hurting the environment with all the fuel. I mean you can drive but reduce it. Ride a bike to somewhere your close too. If you listen global warming will begin to change. There are new high- quality of technology out there so maybe scientist can build something to also help the global dangers.

Its time to notice whats going on. We can’t let this happen. God created us to live not to destroy it. Think about it. If we accomplish what we need to do maybe live would a little longer because live is short with all the diseases that are being in different parts of the world