Global Warming and its Effect on Society

Remember when your pool was for cooling down and not for taking a bath? Anyone living in NY during the summer of 2006 took a communal bath with neighbors on the 100 degree nights that we blew the electricity.
One day, our children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren, will be sunburned in the comfort of their own homes. Imagine not having to leave the house to get some sun? Imagine not having to put on sunscreen anymore…because it won’t do any good? Imagine skin cancer being the new common cold?
Al Gore has been traveling around promoting Global Warming education via his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”. Amazingly, he has been met with much too much skepticism.
Let’s assume that Al Gore is wrong. Let’s assume that he’s doing exactly what the skeptics say he is doing…”scaring us.” I’m assuming…are you assuming? Come on use your imaginations…think hard…
If you are really thinking hard about it, then I’m sure you have questions. Let’s see if yours are the same as mine:
Why is he trying to scare us? He LOST the election. Bush is the only one scaring us now.
If we do all that he says we can do in our own homes (i.e. change 5 light bulbs)the worst thing that will happen is that we will conserve energy and preserve the environment…and the problem is?
Come on people! Get with the program! There is enough scientific evidence, consensus, and freaky weather in our faces to at least HINT that we should TRY some of the stuff that Mr. Gore is suggesting.
The fact that we are experiencing 70 degree weather in January in NY, and Pennsylvania couldn’t even make enough snow to ski in December, is enough for me to find something wrong with the fact that carmakers are still being allowed to make gas only pigs. Take the environment out of the equation again…go ahead..I’m up to the challenge..even if you don’t want to consider the future of your family, do you want to pay $3.00 a gallon for 13 gallons of gas to fill up your tank again? Hybrid cars take much of the CO2 out of the environment and puts more of your hard earned cash in your pocket. Start out doing the right thing and good things will happen for you, I always say.
The EPA has listed 9 things that you can do to help the cause. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed or helpless because these are simple tips to keep the environment right for you and yours. You may think that you alone cannot contribute much, but you have the power to inform and persuade others too. If everyone in the United States and China contributed just $.01 to end world hunger, imagine how many people would not be starving right now? The same is true for Global Warming. If everyone reading this did just one thing on the list, the impact would be tremendous. If everyone reading this did nothing, the consequences would be more tremendous.
Check out the tips at:
In addition, every child needs to be informed so that they too can carry on with good, clean habits as they grow older. Letters can and should be written in the classrooms, so that our government is aware that our young people are being educated and that a less toxic future is the future that they want to work towards.
Right now, old and young can sign the 100 Days petition so that our government can pass laws to affect change NOW. Sign at:
My daughter wrote an essay at school about the trouble that Global Warming is causing. The good news was that it sparked conversation in the 5th grade about something other than Britney Spears marital woes. The bad news is that someone actually asked, “What are these gases going to do the world?” Then he answered himself, “Nothing, that’s what.” Anyone else think that Science is not being taught thoroughly enough?