Which are Deadlier Hurricanes or Tornadoes – Tornadoes

Science has proven that a hurricanes force has limits where as a tornado is much more unpredictable leading many to believe that a tornado can be much more deadlier than a hurricane after all.

Hurricanes range from category one to six. Six is a super hurricane and can be described within some cyclones that hit west of the Pacific. The height of speed in a hurricane usually ceases after a point and can not carry itself over that point. Even though as Katrina has shown, hurricanes can cause serious consequences as well as death since the force may trigger a flooding situation. Most hurricanes are detected through extreme tools such as hurricane tracking information coming from the main source via planes. These pilots fly above hurricanes and measure the strength, velocity, pressure, size and all the other things that they can read to predict its development and next move. Once the information is given to the authorities to disperse within the public, the public has time to act and protect resulting in lives saved. Even though a hurricane can shift in a heart beat and land hundreds of miles away from targeted area, there still are forecasters from the national weather service that warn us of the possibilities. All the same, when it comes to hurricanes, we have a good chance to save ourselves by being cautious although we may not be able to save lawn furniture or even homes.

A hurricane is huge in circumference and far larger than any other weather disturbance. The only good thing about this is that the weather is not as congested as it would be for a wind event. If a hurricane were more congested with energy than the forces of a hurricane could possibly surpass a category six yet until then, with the warning systems that we do have and the evacuation systems that has changed in recent years, lives can be spared with notice rather than receive no warning.

For the historical list of hurricanes since 1851 and preparation guide go to http://www.geocities.com/enteringsite/hurricanes

When they said that they could see cows flying, the theater just burst with laughter yet what we did not know was that a tornado was outside of the theater. Imagine that, we would be the only people to be caught in a tornado while watching ‘Twister’ on the big screen. Once a person experiences a tornado, everything seems to change when it comes to weather updates and wind warnings. Tornadoes were known to be in many sizes even small enough to call dirt devils or dusters yet when large, they could engulf the sky just as a hurricane can. The difference between a hurricane and tornado would be wind speed, direction and size. The size of a tornado may be smaller yet the force of winds are much more stronger. It was said that a tornado could pick up speeds well in the 200 mile and hour range plus. That is much faster than a hurricane and lasts much less time than a hurricane. The time difference may lead one to believe that a tornado would be less destructive and not as deadly as a hurricane yet scientists already proved that the difference has little to do with either. The directional spurts can be called a micro-burst where as the wind down flows and blasts by in comparison to a mini jet stream of force just whipping through. I have lived through hurricanes, micro-bursts and tornadoes. The forces of wind are far higher and harder to predict than that of the forces of an oncoming hurricane therefore a tornado can deadlier than a hurricane for those in its path.

Science works hard to predict as the tornado chasers try to gather the information that science can not. I have a friend who is a dead on tornado chaser and has been caught in the action to the point of reaching near death experiences. Both science and the chasers agree upon one fact and find, that a tornadoes strength can be enough to simply wipe out the tallest building in all of the world with just a brush in the right spot. A hurricane can damage a building well yet does not just pack a punch and poke a hole like a tornado. Conclusion in this finding, most believe that it is far deadlier to be in a tornado than a hurricane, hands down.