Which are Deadlier Hurricanes or Tornadoes – Hurricanes

Hurricanes are deadlier than tornadoes, because most major cities are on a ocean coast, whereas most tornadoes occur around the heart land where there are fewer populated areas. In this debate of hurricanes I am also refering to typhoons and cyclones because they are all the same weather phenomena.

Not only is a Hurricane more deadly, it’s more devastating. The power behind a hurricane comes from its tremendous size. It brings torrents of wind and rain, along with a storm surge that can wash people and buildings into the ocean. Although tornadoes can occur without warning, its our underestimation of a hurricanes power that kills us.

A tornadoes damage is very limited in size and only based on wind. Where as hurricanes can be hundreds of miles across bringing wind and flooding. Not only is a hurricane more deadly based on direct drownings and such, but also indirectly from its massive economic damage.

Many families are unable to cover repair costs due to unfair insurance practices that leave them homeless and can’t provide personal income. This lack of shelter and income further deteriorates that persons well being and can lead to their death.

Our ignorance of hurricanes makes them deadly. And although we can’t relocate these coastal cities, we can do more. With better building codes, proper insurance, and coastal/building protection hurricanes can become the big bad wolf that huffed and puffed but didn’t destroy our cities.