The need for Love in Humans and certain Animal Species

The basic need of every human being is the need of love. How this need is expressed depends on how well it is communicated in a mode that is understood by the individual the human person is made in God’s image. We resemble God in our capacity to love. We humans differ from the animal creation in our capacity for love and our need to be loved. We exist because God loves us into existence from moment to moment. We are made by God to be loved and to love. The human being needs love in order to be human..
The dictionary defines love as, “a feeling of strong attachment induced by sympathetic understanding, or by ties of kinship; ardent affection; tender and passionate affection of one of the opposite sex; to take a delight or pleasure in, as in a book.” It appears, then, that love is a human feeling, which may be described as an affectionate and sympathetic attachment to someone or something that tends to gives us pleasure or delight. Thus, our “need to love” someone is our need for an emotional attachment to someone, with whom we may share our dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Without closeness to someone, our lives have no meaning, and we feel empty and isolated. It is only through the sharing of our life experiences with another that our lives may be rewarding and fulfilling.
The need to love not found in animal species It is the need for the Human Spirit of a person to be close to that of another; not merely the physical closeness of bodies, but the closeness of being emotionally involved with another person where as if we talk about other species than need of love is not in present in that state in which they are found in human being
So, Love is the basic nature that sustains human being and strengthens his resolve to march ahead. Without love man is blind; the world for him will be a dark and fearsome jungle. Love is the light that guides the feet of man in the wilderness.
There is no power greater than love in this world because it is selfless and pure.