Is Love an Addiction

According to Wikipidia dictionary, ADDICTION has been defined with regard solely to psychoactive substances which cross the blood-brain barrier once ingested, temporarily altering the chemical milieu of the brain.LOVE on the other hand,  is the emotions of strong affection and personal attachment.

Other people mistakenly believe that love is an addiction. they always tend to have someone to stay the feeling of being in love. Calling themselves that addictive won’t them realise that this is not love that they are addictive to. Its a feeling of loneliness & infatuation. They are addictive for infatuation which is definitely not love at all. There are a lot of things we can be addictive to the person. like having great sex, great conversation, and someone that you can talk to anytime. But, when you realise that your not enjoying with her/him anymore you are finding someone new whom you will feel again the feeling of being interested in.

Look outside, and see the people around us, why cheating to each other is a normal thing? because they’ve been addictive to the feeling that they felt when they are new in a relationship. Love is commitment. Commitment is not addictive, It can never be define as an addictive behaviour, its a mature acceptance of strong bond for a particular person. There are many of us, that keep wanting the feeling of being infatuated, and don’t realise that they are addictive to that feeling. I always believe on the line from my favourite movie saying “LOVE IS WHAT IS LEFT OVER WHEN BEING IN LOVE IS BURNED AWAY”. Keeping someone in a relationship is a big challenge for everyone. When you do so, you are free from addiction and you’re facing a real love and find yourself to be more committed. 

One of the reason why people addictive to infatuated feeling is because we are looking for someone perfect. we love the idea of a perfect relationship which is in my opinion the biggest mistake others can do. Nobody’s perfect we have to accept that fact. We have different personalities and there is no people alike. I am not addictive to infatuated feeling but I’ll tell you, I’m in love. I didn’t feel the butterflies on my stomach all the time and I’m not always enjoyed my partner company. But, I always wanted to be with him coz I feel committed.

We don’t need to be addictive to stay long in a relationship, we have to love each other and feel the value of commitment in our lives.