Is Love an Addiction

Love is not an addiction unless you make it so.  Love is a willful desire to love somebody in spite of his weaknesses.  Love is not only a temporary feeling.  It is a decision to act in a loving way.  If you act in a loving, kind, and considerate way towards another human being you are demonstrating your love to him or her.  However, if you become addicted to only receiving love and not giving it back, than sooner or later you will run into problems.  Do not confuse an emotional dependency on your partner which can be considered a form of addiction for love.  Addiction does not allow for true love to develop and it can easily confuse sex only relationships for love.

Addictive personalities confuse sex for love

Addictive personality types confuse sex for love and can not differentiate between sexual activity that brings body pleasure and true love.  Becoming addicted to sex and sex only relationship is certainly not a way to develop a healthy and loving relationship.  If partners want to work at creating a healthy and loving partnership, they first have to work on resolving their own insecurities and fears.  They will best do this by learning how to trust, love, and appreciate their own selves before they can share their love with their significant other.

Addiction unlike honesty and openness does not allow true love to develop

If you are addicted to someone, you will never be able to share your true self with that significant other person and be completely honest with him or her.  On the other hand, true love and healthy relationships require utmost honesty and trust.

Addiction does not equal love

Whatever you give your full and undivided attention to on a regular basis, there is a real possibility that you can become addicted to it.  You may be addicted to your partner if you can not possibly live or survive without that person.  Looking at it from the psychological perspective, emotional dependence on your partner is not good for your psychological health nor is it good for the success and longevity of your relationship.

Emotional dependency on your partner is a form of addiction and thus can not be treated as love.  Emotional dependency on the other person in a relationship is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.  As the addiction grows in strength, the relationship will decline in its value and strength.  Emotional dependency should not be mistaken for love.  To be loving it means to give yourself to another human being completely.  And before you can love another human being, you need to first learn to love yourself.