Intuition have you ever Met someone you Immediately Disliked

Hey, why all the immediate dislike ranting? How about some happy examples of meeting someone you immediately LIKE? I still experience both all the time, and I’ve been around for more than eight decades.

I can still remember when I was a kid in school. Unfortunately for me, it was an all-boys school. There were guys, usually the class bullies, I found immediately grungy. There were other guys, some on the same team or into the same hobby, who became immediate friends. With a couple of them, almost 65 years later, I still share emails.

As a teenager in the service during World War II, it was easy to immediately dislike the noncoms and officers who ordered me around. Others, like the schoolkid friendships, were guys who shared the same interests as mine. In danger situations, it depended on how the others behaved. Some of my big-shot officers proved to be shivery cowards and the dislike deepened. When I was ordered back on active duty for the Korean War at a much higher rank, there were actually some officers I served with who became lifelong friends. And some who were still rotten creeps.

My experience with members of the opposite sex was a bit more complex. As a very young man, my immediate likes and dislikes depended solely on their looks. A sexy tush never evoked dislike. The only deep dislikes I found in some women involved those I worked with during my career. Again, and maybe it was my sexist guy attitude, the ones I really disliked from day one were usually those who outranked me and ordered me around. Those I immediately liked and/or fantasized about, especially when I got older, were the young ones who usually reported to me the boss.

Even in my dotage, I still run into new people and form immediate likes or dislikes about them. Maybe I’m getting smarter, which is hardly possible as brain and body deteriorate, but it seems my perceptions today are always right. And, doggone it, I still immediately like and fantasize about the young ladies with nice tushes.