Intuition have you ever Met someone you Immediately Disliked

Listen to your intuition. If you meet someone and you have an immediate dislike towards them don’t ignore these feelings. Because from personal experience if you have an unprovoked dislike for someone then there’s probably a pretty good reason.
about a month ago one of my close female friends began dating a man named Chris. I immediately took a dislike towards him and bit my tongue about how much i didn’t want him around because at the time my friend was happy and I didn’t want to cause any trouble between them from just a feeling I had. So if he was around with her I would be polite and friendly and I never brought forward how much i despised him. As it turns out the great relationship they had crumbled in weeks as he began ignoring her, lying to her, and hanging out with other females more than with his girlfriend and then getting upset if she questioned this.

One of my friends had taken a summer job working as a roofing assistant to a master roofer named Jamie. While we spent our days sitting around enjoying the beauty of summer my friend would be at work on a hot roof from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
We would constantly see him get off work dirty, sweaty, and tired. But he was pleased because he was earning money. (mind you it was only 60 dollars a day and this divided by his hours was severely less than minimum wage)
Later in the summer me and two of my friends were introduced to the master roofer Jamie I had my intuition kick in and i didn’t like him, regardless we began working for him under the same wage as our friend. The pay was horrible and the work was long and grueling but we did it everyday Monday through Friday for the rest of our summer July to September. I’d earned a total of over 900 dollars while my other friends were sitting at a cool 500 a piece and our veteran roofer friend was sitting at over a grand. the original payday was suppose to be every Monday but we were never getting paid. To this current day He still owes me 800 dollars and the others around the same amount. He conned a bunch of young teenagers out of their summer and time and worse of all I allowed it to happen by not following my intuition. There have been countless other experiences where my “Spidey sense” as I like to call it has kicked in and over time I have learned to listen to it and I’ve avoided situations and people that would have been no good for me. So listen to your intuition when you get that feeling, your not just paranoid, shy, or whatever. This I know.