The Effects of Positive Eugenics on Society

What is positive Eugenics? Positive eugenics is the form of Eugenics, which promotes marriage and breeding between people considered “desirable”, and though a positive Eugenist may view certain persons as “undesirable”, they will not initiate in such practices as non-voluntary sterilization, genocide, active euthanasia, or any other forms of extermination. In fact, as Alexander Graham Bell puts it, the defective will always be with us, since people with hereditary defects come from the general population and not strictly, from other defectives there is no logical way to get rid of them. By promoting marriage and unions between Desirables, it may be possible to increase the national even universal average in the course of four or so generations. If enough “desirables” wed and produced desirable off spring, than it is logical to think that after several generations of “through bred” that the Hereditary superiority could begin to trickle down into the more average population. However, who is the “desirable” who is the “undesirable”? will “they” decide? who are “they”? the government should not have such power as to decide who should reproduce and who should not. that would border upon Nazi like tyranny. those with genetic diseases or deformities would be advised to forgo breeding. But not forced. Any person has the right to reproduce. but Positive Eugenics is a way of rewarding the desirables to produce offspring, such as government rewards. Like a lottery. Getting back to the long term affects on society in general. If a couple that is desirable weds and produces off spring, than the children would have an advantage (say 50%) of getting those good genes. but if three generations went by with nothing but Desirables wedding and producing off spring, than the children would be almost always (say 90%) possess those desirable traits. Further more, if those “through breds” where to wed the “averages” than their children would also have a high chance (say 85%) of inheriting those good traits.
Many of you, dear readers, are probably asking “but what is a good trait?” a good trait could be anything from a higher resistance or immunity to disease to a healthy mentally and physical well being. But more so the Mental well being than the Physical. There are many good-looking emotional basket cases, just look at a large portion of our celebrities. It also does not imply those with large fortunes and wealth should be the only “desirables”, wealth is an unreliable symptom of a persons Geno-type. Those with HEREADITARY handicaps would be advised not to breed. But those handicapped individuals that became such due to accidents and not to bad genes would be considered “average” as well. Many, when they hear just the word “eugenics” instantly think of Hitler or Nazis. but if you research more into the subject of Eugenics, you will come to realize that what the Nazi’s did was a perversion of what Eugenics was really meant to be.