Strategies and Benefits of self Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis Versus Being Hypnotized

The fact is, I have experienced neither; that is to say, whether by my own meditation or by a Hypnotist I have never been “put under.” I think what is more important is what you hope to achieve by such meditative states.

A very popular book and movie “The Secret” tries to prove that meditation can actually achieve the physical equivalent of your thoughts. The “Secret” they say is proved by the law of attraction; that if you believe and feel it strongly enough, it will happen.

There are many arguments to propose as to whether or not your thoughts and feelings materialize into being, but even without coming to an absolute conclusion, one can clearly see a benefit of thinking positive versus thinking negative.

The problem is that it is so much easier to entertain the negative thoughts and feelings than the positive ones. And that is the real “Secret…” In all these articles on hypnosis, you have to make an effort to reach the so-called state of complete relaxation which is necessary to provide the outcome you seek.

Ultimately, we must maintain an awareness of our “mantras” while we are in a completely coherent state of mind rather than try and turn ourselves over to mysticism. We can accomplish much more good for ourselves and others by actively engaging our thoughts and emotions as they occur.

Rather than just harping on whatever comes to us during the day and reacting to the “ins and outs,” all the while planning on doing some deep meditation later on; we need to make the unmistakable effort to confront everything in the “now” state of mind if we genuinely want to have any impact on life at all.