Strategies and Benefits of self Hypnosis

People conjure up many different images when they hear the word hypnosis. Some think of a person laying on a couch being talked to in a soothing voice. Others think of one of those old goofy TV shows where someone would be hypnotized by a shiny dangling object. People have a variety of preconceived notions about hypnosis, but most people no very little about self hypnosis. Self hypnosis is practiced by millions of people world wide and is highly affective when done properly.

People turn to hypnosis as a treatment for a variety of physical and emotional ailments. Hypnosis is by no standards considered fake or phony. In fact medical professionals world wide turn to hypnosis to assist with conventional treatments each year. Often, when a person is trying to overcome an obstacle with an emotional component physicians recommend they practice self hypnosis. The human mid can be used in a way to influence the physical state of the body.

Self hypnosis can be used as a tool for aiding weight loss, conquering anxiety, quitting smoking and other ailments with an emotional and mental component. Self hypnosis is fairly easy to practice. Techniques involving visual imagery and positive self talk are used after you have brought your body to a more relaxed state. It is believed that while in this extreme state of relaxation the human body is more susceptible to subtle suggestion.

To practice self hypnosis you will first need to get comfortable. Typically, laying down works best as long as you won’t fall asleep when doing so. After you get comfortable you will want to close your eyes and relax. Then you will attempt to rid your mind of cluttering thoughts by acknowledging them briefly, but not focusing on them. To rid your body of tension you will need to use imagery. Starting with your toes you will visualize your body relaxing and your tension slipping away. You will use this same technique until you reach the end of you body from toes to head. Imagining water cascading over your body or a cool gently breeze blowing over you can often be helpful in relaxing your body as well. Picture the water washing away your tension or the breeze lifting it off you and carrying it away.

Next you will focus on your breathing. When you inhale you will visualize the oxygen filling your body from head to toe. When you exhale you will focus on the word relax and say it in your head as you slowly release the breath. Do this several times until you feel completely relaxed. To deepen the relaxed state you will need to using a counting technique. Some people simply countdown from 100 focusing on the word relax while the numbers descend. Others use a visualization technique, like climbing stairs or counting something to focus on. Naturally, the counting should be done internally in your head not out loud.

Once you have reached this complete relaxed state you will use positive speak to address the issue concerning you. The statements that you repeat are most affective when stated in the present tense. Say things like ” I am relaxed an at peace” or ” I am confident and secure” . For weight loss you might try suggestions that involve eating better like ” I enjoy the taste of fruit ” or ” Vegetables are bursting with flavor”. Make the self talk relative to your issue and also make it confidence building. You will repeat the statements several times in a self developed pattern or cycle until you feel satisfied.

Once you are ready you will count from zero to ten focusing on the numbers until you have fully reached awareness again. It may take several cycles of counting to feel completely awake again. Once you feel you are back in your normal state you will wait a few minutes and relax before getting up and resuming normal activity.

In addition to developing your own self hypnosis regiment, you can also use self hypnosis tapes or cd’s. These pre- recorded treatments are set up for individual use relating to what ever your issue may be. Self hypnosis is affective, but can take sometime before you actually notice results. Often people notice a change after thirty days of regular sessions. Whenever practicing self hypnosis consult with a physician or therapist first to see if they have any recommendations or advice.