Strategies and Benefits of self Hypnosis

There are almost as may strategies for self-hypnosis as there are people. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, and can be achieved in several ways. The following is one way to do it.

1. Get comfortable.
2. Get rid of distractions.
3. Stare at some object, trying not to blink.
4. ‘Watch’ your breathing. Slow and steady breaths. ‘Watch’ the breath go in and out, in and out.
5. Allow everything else to go out of focus.
6. Start with the top of your head, and ‘clench and release’ each muscle group all the way down your body.
7. Imagine yourself going down. You can use the visual of an elevator, escalator or even sinking into clouds.
7. At this point, you should be deeply relaxed and may close your eyes if you wish.
8. Follow where your mind leads you, or orchestrate what you are thinking about.
9. Some people use self-talk during self-hypnosis. i.e. “Everything will be OK”…. Others use a mantra or quote scripture to themselves.

The benefits of self-hypnosis are also myriad. We will probably never understand completely what value this technique has. Some of the known benefits include:

1. Deep relaxation.
2. Use of ‘auto-suggestion’ to help quit smoking, ….
3. Allowing the mind the freedom to create within you.
4. Very ‘centering’.
5. Refreshing and Restoring.
6. Stress relief.
7. Helps the mind to ‘focus’ on internal dialog and thus to make changes.

And so many more. Self-hypnosis can be a way of taking control of your own life. It is easy to do (although it may take some practice) and can benefit your life greatly as a practice of self-healing.