Strategies and Benefits of self Hypnosis

You are getting very sleepy…
Just watch the clock tick back and forth…
When you awaken you will do exactly what you are told…

That is what most people associate with hypnosis – having your actions and thoughts controlled by another person who has magical power. This is a misconception. Being hypnotized is a voluntary act. To be “put under a spell”, you must go willingly. Though it seems that a hypnotist puts his volunteer to sleep, the participant is awake. There is something on the surface that appears to be asleep, but his/her inner being is still alive and kicking…and thinking.

One of the most astonishing things that a person can do for themselves is self-hypnosis – to be able to convince their inner thoughts how to become their physical counterpart. We, as human beings, are blessed with an inner spirit that we can control for goodness. We can physically act upon that spirit. Our spirits are connected to our thoughts. Once we tap into that knowledge, great things can be accomplished But, it takes extreme concentration, silence and discipline to be able to do it.

It takes listening skills beyond the ones that we have been taught. These are the listening skills that come from within. There is a world of knowledge within each of us that is there for the taking if only we will take the time to discover it. That is what self-hypnosis is all about.

Hypnotism is when your body takes a back seat to conscious action. It is a place of relaxation and “letting go” so that your mind is in a state to receive suggestions that your body will act upon. When these suggestions are positive and growth-oriented, the results can be astounding. Though self-hypnosis is not as deep of a state of suggestion as it would be from another, this is necessary in order to keep from falling asleep.

Whatever suggestions that you want to make to yourself must be given within your mind. There are many different methods that are used, but these basic steps will give you a good beginning:

1. Find a very private, silent area.
2. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position (not so comfortable that you fall asleep).
3. Within your mind, count down from 100 and imagine yourself sinking doward with each count.
4. Be silent, but once you are completely relaxed, repeat affirmations within your mind of what you want to be (i.e.-“I want to be happy,” or “I am successful”).
5. Be careful not to let your mind wander around. Stay true to your commitment and propose.
6. If necessary, count down again-this will keep the wandering to a minimum and allow you to focus.
7. When you are ready to come out of your self-hypnotic state, imagine climbing stairs or ascending back into the place you are sitting or lying.
8. You will be alert and wide awake.

While self-hypnosis and the above explanation may seem a bit “guru” and “out there”, please know that I had never even given a thought to this. I didn’t even know that I was practicing hypnosis. All I knew was that my life seemed to be falling apart, so I took the advice I read by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “You must be silent and lowly listen.”

That is what I did and in the process I began to say, “I want wisdom and happiness”. And that is exactly what happened. I now spend at least 15 minutes a day, sometimes 2 hours, transforming my life this way. The realization that has occurred for me is amazing. Within 4 months I have gained a new home, new relationships, a new great job, and physical healing.

This is one of the simplest things I have ever done (and never thought that I would do). I am a better person for it. I am happy, content and much more successful. Take the time to try it. No one will have to know, for it is a private thing for you alone. The benefits and the wisdom you will find will literally be out of this world. (How crazy does that sound?)

Try it… What can it hurt? It’s 15 minutes…