Strategies and Benefits of self Hypnosis

Relax, breath slowly, become aware of your breathing. Now, focus on your right foot, your right foot is warm and streamy, your right foot is warm and streamy, feel your right foot and once you can feel the warm streaminess of your right foot, move to your left foot. Then the right knee, left knee, and move slowly up your body till you reach your head. This could take some time, so relax and become aware of your body through these simple yet effective ways to enter self-hypnosis.

Once you sense your body has let go and your mind is more receptive you can give yourself some suggestions. If for relaxation, visualize your self on a warm beach in Hawaii, the sun gently warming your body, the waves rhythmically breaking, a seagull or two squawking in the distance. Sense all of these with your eyes closed, get into the details of the beach, the warmth coming from the sand, the sun beating on your eyelids, the wind gently flowing over your body.

This is just one of the endless visualizations that you can use when you have put yourself in a hypnotic state. You will know when you are there. It takes just a little bit of practice till you can enter these states at will, with just a little prompting of relaxing your body. It is important to slowly go through as many of your body areas as possible. Starting either from the feet up, head down, or hands into your chest then moving up one area, then down on area. Repeat the warm and streamy suggestions till you can feel the warmth and tingling in the area of your body you are focusing on, then move on to the next. After time you will feel yourself entering into a relaxed suggestive state.

Choose words that you can feel yourself relaxing with. Limp and loose, relaxed and flowing, warm and tingly are just the beginning. Play around with different words till you find the words that work best for you. Always focusing your awareness on the body area you are relaxing. Visualize the area while letting go of the tension, watch your muscles tension drain away from your body. See your bodies muscles relax and go limp. Trust yourself to let it be, and go with the flow of going into your body relaxing it step by step, till you feel your ready.

When your in that state give yourself suggestions. If you want to have more confidence, the repeat a mantra of how calm and confident you are. Choose your words carefully and let each word reverberate through your body. Relax and experiment, keep track of your experiences in and out of the hypnotic state. Use a lot of visualizations, the warm spring air, the gentle flowing creek, the flowingly rising sun. The more you do this the easier it is. Take full responsibility for yourself and the being you are.

There are some books, not many but they can be found at the library or book stores. There is white noise tapes, or music if your into it. The best thing is to attend a class on meditation and mindfulness to have some one walk you through these steps. You will never master this, it just goes on and on, but you will slowly gain control over your impulses and reactions. It is fun to discover how easy it is to let go of all the doubt and fear and just flow with the universe of ourselves.