Comparing the Psychological Strength of Women and Men

Try being strong when every day you’re bombarded with the message that your accomplishments mean less than your bra size. Try being tough while enduring starvation and endless, meaningless exercise in a futile effort to be worthy of your partener’s love. Try being confident when you can’t watch TV or visit a web page or listen to the radio without being told how worthless you are unless you lose weight.

Now try it while being constantly told that it’s your attitude making you fat and depressed. (By fat, of course, I mean healthy. I am 5’6″ and 130 pounds, and according to the media I don’t deserve to live unless I starve and martyr myself with hateful exercise.) See how it feels to be blamed for the murder of your own soul while the true killers, the men who demand thinner women with bigger breasts, are held blameless. Attempt to smile as you’re told your bitterness is self-inflicted while those who inflict it continue unphased.

If that’s not enough to break you, see how it feels to be criticized for your “inferiority” as your SAT scores are compared to those of healthy, well fed males and found wanting. Endure endless complaints from men who say women are “moody”, “needy”, “emotional”, etc. and then go on to admire the very images that drive women like me to a nauseating state of suicidal depression so intense it physically hurts.

Only then can you offer a comment on this subject.

Women are horribly, disgustingly, inferior psychologically, but only because of the men who want 23 inch waists and 42 inch chests.