Reflections of the Existence of Ufos your Space of Outer Space

Why float an ancient question of the existence of UFOs if they really were non existent? Like the majority of things through time, there have always been wild imaginations, hoaxes, and those, who go through hell and high water with suffering for their versions, of their truth. If there is no gain in money to be made from this: no fame: but more ridicule than anything else, why lie? Those days are gone! There are amongst all these, the sane, intelligent, humans, on this Planet called Earth, who can no more vouch for the fact, outside of putting their own lives on the line for the sake of this truth, and humanity! Here is one reflection.

I am alien, to you: and trying to reach another human Earthling within your Space of Outer Space. I can be standing right in front of you, saying, yes, they do exist. Yes, they are for real. Yes, some are as human to look at as you and me. Yet, you cannot see me! As an intelligent being, I came into this world via the process of concession. I was loved, and raised by two very loving souls. I call them the Warrior and the Angel.

I grew up with the integrity of one such is placed in a position of being normal. Have gained my written Sanity Certificate for the price of human ignorance. And paid for my dignity via the channels of interrogation and suffocation for being slightly different, in the unseen. It can be very lonely. Many humans on this Earth Plane, are as far removed from the truth of Life as they are from their own given System they still have not reached. In their still very primitive state, even in their ships with which they still try to get off the ground (as you say,) they continue to try to reach their own, Outer Space.

Anything beyond that, besides what they can see in some form or other, is and will always be, an awesome wonder. Even if some of their theories are much distorted in their own misunderstandings of. Many have not come to terms with the fact that there is Life, out there. That Life, is likewise, an extension of themselves. Do you not look at your orbital positioning of your Planets? Even their alignment timings? Learn first of you own System, before you deny us ours. Why do you not consider that history, is beyond the measurement of your measured time. There already have been Star Wars. That which you call Mars, is within your Myths. Greater was the Rebel Planet, by name of Maldeck, which did at one time occupy the fifth shattered orbit, which you see narrowly, and term, Asteroid Belt.

Mars, was Maldeck’s biggest fear, (thus god of war, Mythologically speaking, today,) but very real historically. That speech which you term Arabic, the name of Cairo, is meaning, Mars. Do not blame Cairo for Mars! Consider your constructions in such as are pyramids. Yes, there are at all times copies, unsuccessful. It is a fact, in history, those which Earth man called gods, came from the heavens of Earth. Any given Space, out there, is always in an upward direction. Any who arrived on Earth from, up there, were considered gods, and that is why there were many gods. Wrong, within power, always corrupts. But within, what became the Sacred Texts, was knowledge, beyond one’s normal understanding. Any with super natural powers were seen as gods. All Sacred Texts speak of a time when such Sons of God came to Earth, communed, married, and multiplied. Earth was a very Planet within this same system called its’ own Solar System then, even as it is today.

Yet, you ignore why the fifth orbit is shattered. By Maldeck’s scientists seeking the destruction of Mars, their own devise of a Ray Weapon (which here I will not interpret,)
back-fired. Prior time had prepared Mars: by deflection in the construction of their two satellites, thus returning this Deadly Ray back onto Maldeck. Many from Mars were evacuated to the Planet Earth. Thus, Maldeck was in truth it’s own destruction. But not without much damage to Mars.

Venus, because it being closer in orbit at this given time, was becoming encapsulated within the Carbonic Dioxide burning of what is termed, a dry ice effect. It is a known factor that through the condenser effect, though in itself dry ice is cold, even a small condenser can bring the gas to heat a home, a bath, to 80-90 degrees Celsius (even +- 380.F.) How much more degrees hotter, a given field, as large as is encapsulated within the size of the Earth’s sister sized, Planet Venus? They too where evacuated. There are more places of Life beyond Earth likewise, to which most of these were evacuated.

Has Earth not considered these facts of a once, Star Wars having already taken shape. Shaken to it’s very foundations, it only escaped more, because of it’s own orbital position at this time. This history is given to you, as Lucifer (the Shining One, which was Maldeck.)And the Warrior St. Michael, winning this war. It was to the Planet Earth, many were exiled. This is the second Earth by formation of re-construction. The third, is within its construction stage.

That which your great religions have termed, the heavens, have more Planetary tents of dwelling places, than to date you have accepted, out there. All that is measured in your terms, is but a grain of sand in our time. There was a time when there was communion with interplanetary Life. Even your Holy Books speak of these times. It was the destructive nature of Earth man, which has been his own separation. That is why, instinct is to go in search of Life, even in the Outer Space of this, your own Planet. I only have one thing to ask at this point of this matter (because of a proven record of aggression within one’s own bounds.) Is he, Earth man, ready to come face to face with that Life?

Some are fearful of their own unknown factor, by asking, do UFOs really exist, when in reality, this is a crude title, simply by the implication of the word, un-identified. This
un-identiification, is simply implying that there are those, like ourselves, who do not exist. Are you to be happier to acknowledge that we really do not? How long must you go on asking? It could be likened to us asking a question as simple as: can you prove to us that you are really Earthlings? Do you not also live in Space, your space of Our Outer Space? Is not the Earth, a Planetary Body already in Space? And in essence, you also, are Space Beings?

Are you not alien to us? I for one could ask, “Cannot you see me?” What if, all I could hear was your voice, and just because I could not see you, would I say, “that does not mean that you exist.” Where does this thing you call trust begin on this your Planet? Where does anyone like us, even begin to reach, even you, our Brothers and Sisters in Space? How else can we come into your world, (more often,) without your passports and legalities: to set up home amongst you, then say, “Is there any one out there who can see us, or believe us?” We are, if you will believe, already here! I am truly sorry to confound you even further: but we truly are.

There are those of us who have been born amongst you. We did not arrive by UFO. I repeat. We are, already here! We can tell you, yes, some of those, which only you term UFOs, are for real. Do you feel better for this knowing? Will it change your attitude towards us? I do not think so if your minds are closed towards us. Just as you have other nations within your one Planet, with many tongues and many faces and different cultures; must we be as all who are, the different ones some claim to see, and experience?

Those fearful aliens: must we who look as you do, answer for all of these, that you see or hear of? Do you answer for who you are not? Or claim honestly to be who you are not? Do you hide who you are? Must we, those human amongst you, forever remain silenced to you? As well as, keep our differences to ourselves? Do you not share your own with others of your own known human form? I wish I could say I believe that it would be so. You see, it is we who have been silenced because of the truth. Not you who ask, or still speculate. Look into yourselves before you question our existence.

It is not for us to go against your own free will. We cannot lift you, against that, into your future; but only help you out of your past. That should be knowledge enough for you to see the mistakes you have left your children. Will you think twice beyond your own selfishness of wanting more children first, of what you have left them to grow up in when you are gone? Do you stop for one moment of your time, to watch as many of your people dying as we see, second by second of your given time, just for the need for pure clean water, or fresh clean air.

You, as a people of blood have become as polluted as your Planet! Do you really believe you will clean it up in time for your children? You only believe what you want to see: or allow your conditioned minds to not open, to what you cannot. This has become your only escape into your own false conception of a Safety Zone. Only the few (when measured against so vast a majority,) work while you sleep or play, to patch small pockets of your humanity, and your Planet. If the power is with the people, why is your choice not to believe? Even the suffering of the sick and infirm, are attended worse than your fields of entertainment, who have become your royalties, in every sense of the given word. You still have your Olympian gods.

Therefore, I bid you well for now. You are not alone. As watchers, those of us who are your real friends, will persevere in the face of your own odds. Be kind to us. We do exist. Some Craft you see, are our brotherly family, just as you of the Earth Planet are bound to each other. We bring you no harm. I have said enough now. My passion is my compassion. It is my breath. Reflections of why I am here give me reason to speak. Will those of you, like me, be brave enough to come out of your own space, and tell others too? So I call: “Hello. Is anyone out there?” It is true, we are here! Do not keep us silenced forever, and re-consider your interpretation of Space Craft. Some have a name, just as your Air Craft.