Neutrophils High – What does it Mean

Neutrophils High IndicateThe human body produces antibodies to protect us from infections and restore our bodily functions. One of the more known antibodies is the white blood cell. The white blood cell is supplied by the bone marrow and is essential in fighting and providing a defense to infectious organisms and external infectious substances. An adequate number of white blood cells must obtain a signal that a harmful organism has started invading the human body so that these cells can attack and kill the unwanted substance. One of the most common kind white blood cell is neutrophils. It help an individual’s body to combat infections and mend injuries like the other types of white blood cells as well.

It is imperative that a human body maintains a steady number of white blood cells. This is to make sure that you are in your best health. Sometimes, it is also crucial to have a high neutrophil count. This reaction usually happens when neutrophils need to heal an injury caused by the unwanted organisms and viruses. However, an unusual number of neutrophils indicates that there is something wrong with you, specifically an underlying and severe medical condition that should be addressed.

What are the Causes of High Neutrophils?

There are s number of reasons why a person will experience a high absolute neutrophil count. It is essential that you become aware of it to address the issue at hand.

  • Infectious organisms invading the body

Neutrophils can be considered as your first line of defense. So every time, you will get an injury, they are the first ones to run to the bacteria and eliminate them. The bone marrow would be able to detect the need for neutrophils so it would secrete and send high volumes of that kind of white blood cells. This is also true when a person would catch a virus and be invaded with parasitic microbes.

  • Rheumatic fever and Thyroiditis

Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease which usually occurs in children, but adults are affected as well. It develops when your step throat is invaded by a bacteria, and you did properly get treatment. Thyroiditis, on the other hand, is a condition wherein your immune system would start to attack your thyroid gland. It is considered as a slowly progressing disease that leads to the decline of the thyroid hormone. These two diseases are diagnosed attacking the immune system. And instead of the bone marrow supplying the right amount, they usually send abnormally high neutrophil levels.

  • Physical stress

Different kinds of physical stress may attribute to absolute neutrophil count high. One of which is pregnancy, another emotional strain. Even intense and energy consuming exercise can cause neutrophils high. When you exert yourself too much in an activity, the neutrophils will come to your nutrient cells, dying in the process.

  • Acute Kidney failure and Myelogenous Leukemia

Acute renal failure is a pressing ailment that usually happens to already hospitalized patients. When a person’s kidney is no longer able to filter the waste products in the blood, the chemical makeup of the blood is destroyed and unbalanced, resulting to high neutrophils level trying to protect and fix the damage. While Myelogenous Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the white blood cells, in particular, creating an acute or chronic disease. Both of the diseases are severe and critical in nature.

  • Effects of prescribed medications

Prescribed medications have side effects, and some drugs create neutrophil count high. One concrete example is corticosteroids. This is a drug that assists a natural chemical in a person’s body to control nutrient usage and water and salt quantities in the urine. High neutrophils is one of the side effects of taking this medication.

What are the Symptoms of Neutrophils High?

The symptoms of having a high neutrophils count usually depend on the underlying condition that an individual has. However, there are common symptoms that you should be aware for prevention.

  • Signs of acquiring an infection

If you have been experiencing things like a cough, an inconsistent fever – rising and falling of temperature without stabilization, or abdominal pains may indicate that you have a viral infection thus, an increase in your neutrophils.

  • Chronic Illness

Sudden fatigue and Abrupt weight loss are also indications of high neutrophils. If you feel weak and weary all the time and can’t function properly paired by weight loss and pale skin, a visit to the doctor is advised.

  • Declining health

if you keep on experiencing a decrease in your health – fevers that keep coming back coughs that won’t stop- it be best to consider a physician intervention.

How do you Treat if Neutrophils High?

If it is determined that you have absolute neutrophil count high due to serious reasons, the best thing to do is address it as early as possible.

  • Set an appointment with you physician

You always have to remember, that professional help is the best aid for this kind of condition. Be honest about your medical history and the medicines that your taking. Be detailed about what you feel and supply all the information necessary in order come to the cause of the issue. These are needed to start the right treatment right away.

  • Perform all the needed tests

The doctor may ask you to undergo numerous lab tests to arrive at the cause of the problem, especially if the physician suspects an underlying condition is causing your neutrophils high. Do not hesitate and be ready to perform all these tests.

  • Prevention and Maintenance

If the diagnosis will tell you that you have an abnormal neutrophils level, a routine is a key. Make sure to have your regular checkups and lab tests to make sure that you can maintain your neutrophils count and function normally.

Taking care of one’s health may be a chore to some, but you have to remember that we only have one life and it pays to be watchful.