Does Flexeril Get You High – Dosage and Side Effects

Flexeril high
A regular human is vulnerable to pain. Pain can be felt in different levels, and each would react to it differently. When the pain is minimal, say for example external wounds or bee stings, we can easily tolerate it and disregard the feeling. However, there is level of strains that should be treated with prescribed medicines for immediate relief. One particular example is muscle pains and back pains. These are often caused when we twisted and forced our muscles too much damaging and creating discomfort and high level of distress. During these circumstances, prescribed medicines by the doctor are needed to alleviate the painfulness and soreness of it.

Doctors usually prescribed Flexeril which comes in 5 mg and 10 mg even 20 mg doses to patients experiencing extreme muscle pains to eliminate the discomfort. Flexeril is a brand name of Cyclobenzaprine, a medicine that helps control the spasms during these muscle pain producing a relaxing effect to the patient. When an individual suffers from muscle injuries, this drug is prescribed together with the other drugs and therapies to help them recover fully.

Flexeril Dosage:

Identifying the appropriate dosage is imperative to make sure that the patient would not overdose and experience after effects like withdrawals and such. On an average basis, the dosage would be 5mg of Flexeril, given three times a day. Now in some cases, the dosage may be higher especially if the patient is not responding positively to the treatment. However, this medicine should not be taken long-term. The recommended length of medication is two to three weeks only. This is to avoid unwanted side effects that might harm the patient in the long run.

It should be noted that the dosage would differ from the condition or state of the persons. Say, for example, elderly citizens require minuscule dosages, but in some severe cases, the dosage must be maxed out for the drug to take effect. It is also recommended to take medicine with water and not consume food immediately to make sure, no unwanted consequence happen.

What does Flexeril Treat a person?

The primary use of Flexeril is the elimination of the soreness and back pain of a person who has experienced severe muscle pains due to an injury or unfortunate circumstances. This drug brings a soothing feeling and calms the stiff muscles, thus giving relief to the affected person.

What are the the Side Effects of Taking Flexeril?

As mentioned, the dosage should be monitored carefully to not incur consequences that may harm the human body. Flexeril is a hard drug, and it does have side effects that we should know.

  • Dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth

The three stated above are the most common adverse effects of taking Flexeril. This kind of drug has a very compelling nature, and so patients may experience drowsiness in the first few minutes of taking the drug. Drying of the mouth is also a frequent side effect since the drug is designed to attack the pain and may affect the other bodily functions as well.

  • Loss of appetite, double vision, tremors and insomnia

The effects would differ for each especially with the dosage that a person is taking. On some cases, the person may experience a loss of appetite and even lose the sense of taste momentarily. Tremors are also expected since the body is reacting to the powerful medicine and it may even cause insomnia to some patient. In these cases, the dosage would usually be adjusted.

  • Anxiety, depression, and hallucinations

These side effects are considered to be extreme and dangerous. This would mean that the dosage is incorrect and should be adequately adjusted. An overdose might be the cause.

Can you Get High off Flexeril?

Flexeril Overdose
Overdosing Flexeril is proved to be harmful not only to your body but your state of mind as well. Although not scientifically proven, one of the severe effects of overdosing the medication is often termed as Flexeril high. These medicines are taken in a very short period and should not be prolonged to avoid total dependence on the drug. Flexeril dependence would result in ugly conditions such us withdrawals. Withdrawals are considered the number one indication of addiction that is why many have concluded that this medication produces high to the person taking it sporadically.

The doctors always advise to take medicine with water, but when consumed with other things like alcoholic beverages, the effects would be hazardous. Even an immediate food intake differs its effect. This is because Flexeril is a powerful drug to start with and if it is paired with substances that do not concur to the drug’s component, effects would be unavoidable. If the drug is taken correctly, the patient would often feel sleepy and not agitated.

If a person would voluntarily choose to overdose himself with the drug, it will create an illusion of relaxation and tranquility, but too much of it can also result in complications like a coma or a cardiac arrest. Hallucinations is also a adverse effect of Flexeril, solidifying the belief of others that it produces an absolute high to the takers of the drug.

Nonetheless, if the drug is proven to create a high, it should be controlled and marked as a classified drug. Cases showing that Flexeril high is real are still rare and not enough to establish it as a scientific fact. But it is vital to be educated on this to know the right and wrong of taking these potent medicines.