Can you Get High on Vyvanse

Addiction is a very dangerous condition experienced by an individual. It results in atrocious things from happening in your life. Not only will you be dependent, but you would also experience loss, whether monetary or the people by your side. It will also render you homeless and in some severe cases, cause your health to decline rapidly leading to death. It is important that the reasons for the addiction are addressed properly for it to be stopped. One of the well known of addiction is taking illegal drugs or medicines that are not professionally prescribed to improve the health.

Some types of these drugs are made to experience high and are sold rampantly for such purposes. But other drugs, or what we call the controlled drugs, are very powerful drugs which are prescribed to persons with a specific diagnosis to alleviate their pain or improve their condition. However, as the study shows, these controlled drugs has found its way to drug users searching for a euphoric high and not for health purposes. One example of the commonly abused controlled drug is Vyvanse

What is Vyvanse?

Vyvanse is a brand name of a controlled II drug use to treat patients with attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. This medication has a substance called central nervous system stimulants that is mixed with the brain’s neurotransmitter system. The purpose of this drug is to boosts the patient’s alertness. It will also improve the attention level of the person diagnosed with ADHD.

This type of drug is a stimulant taken orally and therefore needs to metabolize inside the body before it takes effect. The stimulant is mixed on the person’s bloodstream and to say it easily; it constitutes of chemicals specifically designed to the ADHD patients’ blood components. It takes into slow effect, letting the patient focus and attain alertness. However, it is imperative to know that if these drugs are snorted and injected to a person not diagnosed with ADHD, the effect will be different as well. The drug would cause an absolute high and addiction to it will soon follow.

What Is A Vyvanse High and What does Vyvanse High Mean?

Vyvanse high is a high experienced by a non-diagnosed ADHD individual abusing and using the drug through injection or snorting the powder from the pill. Some say that they take the drug not only to experience a euphoric high but help them with their studies and concentration as well. But these drugs should be taken in control and very particular cases.

Since this drug is a stimulator, it will release the right amount of dopamine, to help the patient improve. But if this is not controlled and snorted on high volumes, dopamine releases will be unsteady, therefore creating an extreme high for the user.

Is Snorting Vyvanse Dangerous? And Does it Cause High?

Vyvanse is supposed to be a medical drug use for treatment, but many people have used it for recreational purposes. This kind of usage will develop into an addiction and dependence. According to studies, most people snort the drug for more immediate high, resulting to even more dangerous aftereffects since direct inhalation of any drugs will find its way directly to your body systems as well. It is essential to note that if the drug is taken orally or snorted by an ADHD patient in the right and prescribed dosage the effects will be the same. The only harm snorting will do damaging some of the organs it could pass through physically. But it is rare to have this drug snorted by ADHD patients since the primary purpose of this drug is to be slowly released inside their bloodstreams for longer effects.

How much vyvanse to get high? It depends. As mentioned, if the drug is snorted by a non-ADHD patient, the person will experience a quick high. Snorting may not concur any dangerous effects, but it is also not medically accepted and can still harm you if you especially of you have underlying conditions.

How do you know if the dosage is too high?

This drug for an ADHD patient is controlled and prescribed in particular dosage. The dosage can begin as low as 30mg and 50mg, and the highest 70mg, no more no less. First of all, the dosage that you must take should be prescribed by a professional; they will usually start at the lowest to make sure you get accustomed to it. They might need some adjustment to fit your condition as well. They must also be taken as scheduled and without any unprecedented intake of alcoholic beverages or anything harmful to you. But how do you know if the dosage is too high? One indication will be your blood pressure going up and increased heart rate after taking the drugs.

The drug is supposed to relax you and not pump your heart rapidly. It will be best to see a doctor for adjustments on your dosage,

Things You Should Know About Vyvanse:

There are certain things that we must remember about Vyvanse. This information will help us be more aware of this type of drug as well as the proper steps to take.

  • Vyvanse longevity

The drug is dubbed as a slow drug. Regularly, the effect will stretch up to 14 hours. Some person has it shorter, but it will depend on about the severity of the condition.

  • Taking it daily will make you feel healthy

If you want the drug is not doing anything unusual to you anymore, it means that you have adapted to it and it is doing its job correctly. ADHD patients will feel healthy and be focused almost all the time!

  • It is okay to take it daily

Taking the said medication daily is approved when you are an ADHD patient with a prescription. As long as the right dosage is given without any breaking into your good lifestyle (that means regular exercise with no bad habits), taking it daily will not have a harmful effect at all.

  • It’s food friendly

The drug is designed to blend into the person’s blood so any food consumption would not alter its effectiveness. But it is important to remember that we have to be responsible about our food consumption too.

  • Give it an hour or two

When this drug stimulant is taken orally, as it should be, the effect will not be automatic. Give the drug about one to two hours to fully stimulate in your blood for you to feel the changes it brings.

  • It provides stability

It is consistent in making you feel better to live a much more normal life. It may be sometimes overwhelming for a person diagnosed with ADHD but it provides stability to your condition, and that is the best part of it.