White Blood Cells (Leukocytes) in Urine: 7+ Causes and Treatments

White blood cells are also called leukocytes or abbreviation for WBCs. As they belong an important part of immune system, they will take action to defend when the inside body appear disease infection even is infected by foreign material. These WBCs can be found in lymphatic and blood. In another word, the number of leukocytes increased, it showed some part of body are suffering the infection. In an adult body, there are around 1% WBCs.

The WBCs have different functions and forms, generally they cab be either myeloid leukocyte or lymphocyte.

Leukocytes in urine  is also a sign of infection in your body you are facing. You have to pay attention to treat this condition.

What are the Symptoms?

There are some symptoms indicating white blood cells in your urine.

1) Cloudy urine.

2) Urine smells foul.

3) Feel pain while urinating.

4) Urinating time is increased than usual.

What are Causes?

If leukocytes appear in urine, it means our body is suffering infection because of some disease or disorder. Then there are several causes of leukocytes in the urine that can be for your reference.

1)Pregnancy.  For a pregnant woman, commonly the protein and white blood cell can be found in urine. However, if the increased level is much higher consistently, it may be bladder infection. Then the patient must go to see a doctor.

2) Kidney stone. In the kidneys, kidney stones are small and hard deposits formed by acid and mineral salts. The whole urinary tract can be  affected by these stones. As the urinary tract is blocked and thus urine stay in the bladder and stones irritate the urinary tract, the leukocytes appear in urine to defend these infections and inflammations at this time.

3) Kidney infections. The kidneys act as a role of removing waste product and extra water in urine. Kidneys infections usually  . When the kidneys are infected by bacteria, we called it pyelonephritis. It can cause the symptoms such as fever, pain or chills, thus the WBCs are increased in urine to defend this infection. If person’s immune system is very weak or person has used urinary catheter, their WBCs will have a high level at a risk condition.

4) Cystitis. Cystitis means the bladder has got infected or inflamed. It usually doesn’t indicate obvious symptoms. Person can judge it from smell, time, color and status of urination. For example, cloudy urine, cola colored urine, less urine ,painful and burning feelings during urination. The bladder infection can spread to kidneys if the problem is serious. Thus, white blood cells have to work to hold back from infection.

5) Interstitial Cystitis(IC). If the bladder wall is inflamed, it also can cause leukocytes in urine. So we named it interstitial cystitis. Commonly it happens among women at a high rate. Person may feel frequent and urgent urination and pelvic pain.

6) Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). This is a common cause when leukocytes appear in your urine. The urethra is infected by bacteria and then spread to the bladder. Cystitis is caused. It’s easy to find among women because of their shorter urethra. For men, the prostate is infected at first and then move to the bladder. It also has symptoms of frequent urination, urgent urination, pain feeling during urination, and may bladder spasms.

7) Other causes. First, some cancers such as prostate, bladder or kidney cancer may cause this condition. Second, some blood disease such as sickle cell anemia or blood clotting disease may also lead to leukocytes in urine. Third, some pain medicine and blood thinner may be the factor too. Fourth, You may not notice that exercise can cause white blood cells in the urine. Here it should say strenuous and excessive exercise which can bring such results.

Treatments Options

1)Pregnancy. With a view of baby growing safely, pregnant women have to ask for professional doctor to check out causes of white blood cells in urine. And then according to the checking result, doctor may prescribe related antibiotics which is not harm to baby and meanwhile can hold back increasing WBCs.

2)Kidney stones. Generally, person who have got kidney stones is requested to drink more water and jumping constantly up and down. Those actions may rush the small stones out and relieve the status of blockage of urine. Of course, painful feeling will be reduced accordingly. In addition, person had better change his food structure for example less salt, less calcium supplements or less animal protein absorbing.

3)Kidney infections. Generally antibiotics taken orally are used to treat kidney infections. Usually you need to take 3 to 7 days if mild infections. In cases of serious kidney infections, it’s very necessary to take intravenous antibiotics. If you want to reduce uncomfortable feelings caused by kidney infections, you may drink more fluids, take pain medicine, keep warm there, as well as increasing urination times.

4)Cystitis.  You’re requested to drink more water and stop irritating drinks, meanwhile keep warm there, no intercourse till infections missing. On the other hand, you may take Tylenol and Motrin for relieving pain. If such remedies, you still can not reduce symptoms of infection, then you can see a doctor to prescribe antibiotics OTC. Generally taking Pyridium is the treatment of bladder spasms.

5)Interstitial cystitis. The most important thing is to avoid smoking and irritating drinks such as carbonation, caffeine, citrus fruits even as well as food containing high level Vitamin C. If such home remedies still don’t relieve pain and change status of inflammation, then it’s available to take some medications orally. In case of sever inflammation, it is necessary to do operation.

6)Urinary Tract Infection. In case of mild infection, home remedies are your initial choice. For example, drink more water daily, increase urination times, stay hydrate. In case of sever infection, it’s necessary to see a doctor. The treatment of Urinary Tract Infection is typically to use antibiotics. Doctor will prescribe medications according to your infected parts and conditions. Taking dosage under permission of doctor.

7)Other causes. If white blood cells appear because of cancers, the treating approaches may be radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. It will be chosen according to conditions of cancers. If caused by taking medications, you should go to ask for your doctor and detect if the conditions is serious and if you need to change medications. If caused by excessive exercises, you can negotiate with your health coaching to make a proper exercises plan.

Whatever infections are, it’s very important to change your lifestyle such as reduce living pressure, keep a good mood, drink more water, stop smoking and irritating drinking, proper diets and exercises etc. Of course, you must treat in time when you find abnormal signs.