Blood Blister: Natural Cures at Home

Blood blisters appear about as gross as they sound. They are formed when an area of the skin is pinched suddenly with extreme pressure. For example, the blisters may form when your finger is pinched in between drawers. They appear as concentrated cruises, although with more swelling from under the skin. You can expect to see spots of darker coloration throughout the blood blister.

Blood blisters are fairly uncommon, and can often be categorized as bruises. However, the key feature of this skin condition is its tendency to swell.

Home Remedies

Blisters – painful, inconvenient and always in the most awkward of places! However, whether your blister is caused by friction, pressure or a burn, there are many home remedies one can use to treat them.

When it comes to treatment, prevention is always better than the cure, but sometimes there is just no avoiding them. Medically speaking, blisters are tender areas that fill with fluid released by very small blood vessels in a spot where delicate skin tissues have been burned, rubbed, or irritated, almost all of us will have experienced foot blisters from new shoes for example. However you treat them, the main thing to remember is that they do not heal quickly, you will have to be patient but time coupled with these remedies will see you blister free as fast as possible!

Number one – let it breathe

Most doctors now believe a blister needs as much exposure to air as possible and should never be covered, however practically speaking you may need to cover it during the day, so whenever possible, let your blister be open to the air for example whilst watching TV in the evenings, just be careful not to bump it while walking around your home and risk further damage. Elevating the affected area also helps with pain control. If you do need to cover your blister, aim to create a donut shape with padding by cutting a hole the same size as the blister so the padding surrounds and supports it then cover the hole with a bandage to protect it, this will also help air circulate around the blister.

To pop or not to pop

Whenever possible do not pop the blood blister, the fluid inside will slowly reabsorb into the body and you won’t be able to see any trace of this blood-filled bubble, again this takes time but it worth it, also by not popping the bubble the risk of infection is vastly minimized as no germs can get into the area. If your blood blister is very big, in a place where it will be rubbed or it is causing great pain then do pop it, this is best done by a medical professional but you can use a sterilized needle or blade to make a small hole in the blister – preferably near the bottom – to allow the fluid to drain out. Never remove the blister skin, just lay it flat over the wound and this will aid the formation of the new skin and let it heal faster with less risk of infection. Whether you pop or not, it is a good idea to apply an antibacterial/antibiotic ointment to it.

Vitamin E oil with Aloe Vera gel

One effective home remedy for blood blisters is a mixture of vitamin E oil and the aloe vera gel. All you have to do is:

  • Take half tbsp. of aloe vera gel.
  • Take half tbsp. of vitamin E oil.
  • Mix and stir in a small container to prepare a blend.
  • Place a gentle massage with just little of the mixture on the blister.
  • Leave it to dry.
  • Do not rinse the just-treated area of the skin with a water- wash or a cleanser. This is to be done only when the treatment begins to bother you.
  • More than once a day, you can apply this treatment, preserving the unused mixture in cool, dry and dark place up till 48 hours.

Natural Garlic Oil

Application of natural garlic oil to blood blisters help them to get healed quicker and better. All you need to do is:

  • Slightly heat the garlic oil and cool it down to warm temperature.
  • Gently massage on the affected region of the face with little garlic oil.
  • Leave the application for about 30 – 40 minutes.
  • Now, rinse the treated skin with clean, cool, and fresh water. Make sure you wash it gently using any mild cleanser, since with simple water rinsing the oiliness won’t go away.
  • Repeating this several times a day, and continuing the procedure for as long as the skin has no complaints left, will be greatly beneficial.
  • In cases, excess use can cause itchiness and redness of the skin. When this happens, stop the use immediately.

Other Healing Aids at Home

Some fantastic healing aids for blisters can be found in the home, a very effective treatment is witch hazel – will sting like crazy but it really works! Undiluted lavender oil is brilliant too, either applied directly onto the affected area or you can put some onto a pad and hold it onto the affected skin. Lemon balm and mint extract are also helpful in curing the blisters by this method. For bigger blisters or an area of blistering such as after a burn, mix ½ teaspoon of aloe vera with 2 drops of extract of grapefruit juice and dab lightly on them 3 times a day, this will help dry them out but the aloe sees that the skin stays supple too and this is fairly painless as long as you are gentle.

90 % of the times, these home remedies work wonders in curing and are experienced to be beneficial healers compare to commercial medicines and creams.

So with patience, care and some homemade treatments your blister will disappear. Of course if you are concerned or if the initial blister is caused by a bad burn or is generally very painful seek medical attention.