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57 Alien Species: Are We Alone in the Universe?

Sgt. Clifford E. Stone, U.S. Army (ret.) spent the majority of his life entangled in experiences, which we the general population consider alien. His exposure of these experiences to the public and his reluctance to delve into speculation on areas that he has not experienced makes his story a credible yarn, with plot holes easily patched by the banner of secrecy. Are we alone in the Universe, in the newly conceived Multiverse, all together in existence?

It is a question that holds our greatest controversy in the balance, of weither we arrived at this point by science or by divinity. The ideal of humanity comes into doubt when held up against the concept of other world existence. How can one be “humane” if one is not “Human”, is the relevant base of humans’ xenophobia. Sgt. Stone’s depictions, modesty, and genuine emotion related to these stories that he tells of his time in the US Army is proof that he sincerely believes what he has experienced is true.

Sgt. Clifford E. Stone could indeed conduct an interview with his life long other worldly associate “Corinne”, and doubts would still grip our public consciousness with denials. As it is not the simple solution that either science or divinity propose, but a much more complex issue, and I would wager that for the common man, an even greater tedium. Imagine not just a world economy, but a galactic economy. Not only would one compete with the Chinese, and the Israeli businesses, but now the Bongo’s from sector 12 are price fixing, and does international trade law apply?

The excitement, fear and romance of the existence of other worldly creatures make the question of “Are We Alone?” Mute. If we are alone, people will always fantasize that we are not. They will look to the sky with wonderment, wishing for a way to escape the everydayness of their everyday lives. If we are not alone, are these visitors pushing on to our shores, turning their noses up at us and declaring that we are savages, because they should. We fail to care for each other; as much as we fail the creatures that we take into our care, even at this advanced stage of our existence, people still struggle to survive.

To believe Sgt. Stone, is to believe that he and those like him have successfully warned these other worldly creatures of the danger that we present. Once our world has shrugged off its lingering racism, has matured beyond our sexism, and has come to find that we are nothing without each other, then maybe we can accept what others now believe.