Get Rid of Global Warming

The best way for getting rid of Global Warming is to change the terminologies and to restructure the economic models for combating climate problems. Global Warming is a misnomer to people as it implies everywhere will get warm and there’ll be no winters or storms, hence the heckling of scientists during the latest snow storm to hit the UK. Global Warming will bring harsher winters to some areas and adversely affect the Gulf Stream which keeps North West Europe as warm as it is. This disruption will cause colder climates during winter. But until this is understood by the public, the term Global Warming should be changed.

Climate Change is also too general a term as climate changes every day. Both the terms Climate Change and Global Warming are not adequate to describe what is happening and the effects they will have. That is why the terms should be changed, maybe to Crisis Climate, and the focus of action should be on adaptation to Crisis Climate.

Further, green energy technology should be advanced whether there was Crisis Climate or not. It should be a natural development toward resource management, which is the major problem driving excess CO2 production. Recycling should be emphasised as should technology (not just green, but also ‘blue-sky thinking’ –CO2 scrubbers, carbon capture, and nuclear power heat recycling, etc), along with wind, wave and solar power.

The changes to the climate and rise of CO2 should be down-played and people educated on how to preserve their resources and reduce pollution rather than bombard them with scientific analyses people don’t understand or care about. Leave the graphs, equations, and charts at home, and bring out the fireside chats. Taxing will not be a help except to fill the coffers of bankrupt governments. There are more efficient and cheaper ways to reduce carbon without taxation, but it will require changes to our over-excessive “Western” lifestyles. Agriculture and vehicles make-up the bulk of CO2 emissions, followed by ships and the internet/computer industry, which are rising faster than air travel emissions. Finding new ways to grow and transport food, supplies, and people should be top of the agenda without corporate greenwash clogging up the system. Our economy will have to blend in with nature’s needs, which will reduce pollution and waste, and help humans withstand Crisis Climate.

Adapt, adapt, adapt. Our ancestors couldn’t see what was coming and tried to out-live and out-engineer environmental changes, but they died out as their civilisations collapsed. Our politicians, corporations and media are very poor leaders when change is needed. Crisis Climate can only be coped with through grass roots and education. Small scale changes in communities rather than ineffective and inadequate changes from government and business will be the vital key. Or we can live as we are and let Crisis Climate happen and millions will die unnecessarily. This could even out the human race between the haves and the have-nots, as Crisis Climate has no favourites or takes sides. It’s our choice as to who lives and who dies.

While we have the technology to change the climate, it should be used in conjunction with nature and not against it. Crisis Climate tells us just that, that we face a crisis with our climate whether it is warming, cooling, becoming stormier, or causing other effects (i.e. sea level rises, desertification, mass extinctions, etc.). Crisis Climate is a neutral term; direct, not misleading, and easier to stomach for the remaining sceptics who could join in to clean the planet regardless of its cause. So, no more Global Warming. Say goodbye to Climate Change. We can handle Crisis Climate.