Global Warming Benefits

Is global warming beneficial? That is the question. Are the effects of global warming the same everywhere. Some people believe that some places may benefit and others will not. But what way will it affect us, if it does at all? We have solid evidence that global warming is really affecting our planet. Our early ancestors made breakthroughs and strides for humanity as we know it today because of these warmings of the earth. Is it ridiculous?  It is widely spread that global warming will not only warm the earth but have devastating extreme weather events such as, more powerful storms, floods, and extreme precipitation. My look at other articles show that precipitation redistribution is a major reaction of climate change. That is scientifically proven. Also there is belief in very few people thinking that global warming may cause extreme droughts for our future generations.

But on the other hand there are other beliefs that this can actually be beneficial. Global Dimming Theories is a beneficial feature to some scientist. Global Dimming Theories: If the earth is warming there will be an increase in clouds around the globe as a result of more rising motion from warmer air. This can actually help the reflection of solar radiation and could help reduce temperatures. So in my opinion if this theory is proven then I think global warming is not even effecting us. Also it could be a benefit could not even be related with science. This has to do with government reactions to it. Maybe when global warming becomes a more serious problem than it already is, then world leaders would act more responsible and work together and aide the earth. 

So in my own voice of opinion I think global warming would be more beneficial. Why? Because people are working so hard to stop global warming. Our country is taking major thought into innovations to preventing global warming, and if we can do it in our country, we can do it globally. If we work together globally then this will spread peace internationally which is world peace. Many people know about global warming. They also know the effects and why it is happening. But are they doing anything about it? NO! Global warming is very serious and should not be taken for granted. Global warming is affecting us not just scientifically, but also evidentially. We need to work together as an entire nation, heck, as an entire planet to do something about global warming before it is too late.