Possible Benefits of Global Warming

To say there will not be any benefits from global warming is just as closed minded as saying global warming is a myth. No one can predict with exact certainty how the conditions will be for EVERY location on Earth. Maybe some places will benefit. Many places probably won’t, but this question is not looking at the Earth as a whole; rather it is asking us to examine some possible isolated benefits.

Lets look at the history of climate change. What was the last benefit of global warming? Oh yes, it’s the conditions that we are currently accustomed to that allowed civilizations to develop agriculturally and industrially. Migration and growth was made possible from the last “warming period”. Without it, humanity would still be in the stone age. Is it that ridiculous to suggest there could be some benefits from additional climate change?

It is generally accepted that global warming will lead to more extreme weather events. This could be in form of stronger storms, greater seasonal fluctuations, and periodical extremes in precipitation. Will there be widespread flooding and drought? Precipitation redistribution is believed to be one of the major outcomes of climate change. But won’t this benefit some society on this planet? What about those parts of the world that rely on monsoons to deliver precious rain to provide a growing season. Longer monsoon seasons could mean a longer growing season and larger harvest. Perhaps dry, non farm-able regions will have fertile lands due to an increase in annual precipitation. To that same affect, what about places that are a few degrees too cool to sustain certain crops. Agriculture belts will be shifted along with temperature zones, helping some while hurting others.

There’s also the counter-intuitive results of global warming. There will be an increase in clouds world wide as a result of more rising motion from warmer air. This will actually aide in the reflection of solar radiation and could help reduce temperatures (global dimming theories).

Another possible benefit could be a non science one. Perhaps a dramatic shift in climate conditions will prompt politicians and world leaders to act more responsible and work together to provide aide and change. Unfortunately for us, action isn’t taken until it is usually too late. Not much is being done globally to help prepare ourselves for the potential changes. If world wide conditions do take a turn for the worse, mankind’s ingenuity and perseverance should take over.

Global warming is a serious issue that shouldn’t be take lightly. Every person on the planet will be affected in some way, either large or small. To say these changes will bring only destruction is not scientific or well thought. Somewhere, beneficial results will arrive from global warming.