Weather Science Projects

It is a mysterious and wondrous occurrence.  It is never the same.  It is a constant changing miracle.  It is the first thing we see outside and it is never the same.  It is the weather.  The weather is random and cannot be controlled.  That is what makes the weather so interesting.  Along with the intrigue of the weather also comes its study.  The possibility of the study of the weather is endless.  These endless possibilities bring a great amount of opportunities for science projects that deal with the weather.

Since there is many aspects to weather, there are many main subjects for people to cover.  A great subject that would make a very interesting project would be a study or project that dealt with our big, white, puffy friends – clouds.  Clouds deal largely with the water cycle, so it would not be a bad idea to try to simulate the water cycle or even have a project to try to prove how the clouds form from the water cycle.  Remember to cover all of the subjects such as evaporation, condensation, transpiration, etc.

Another great weather factor to take a glimpse into is one of the ferocious weather factors – lightning.  It is comprised of a large amount of electricity.  It has been said that if anyone could harness the power of a single lightning bolt, that it would power the city of New York for over an entire year.  Projects that deal with lightning could include the effects of it on electronic devices or any other objects it strikes.  One could also investigate the scientific phenomena of lightning actually striking from the ground up.

The possibilities go on and on.  When working on weather projects, be sure to remember that it is never possible to go on a subject that is too simple, because weather in itself is a phenomenon.  So, go ahead and do a project on wind speed.  Everyone knows that the wind blows but there are many things to investigate about the speed of it.  Don’t hesitate on using the sun.  So what if we see it everyday?  That doesn’t change the fact that it is an enormous star and puts off mass amounts of heat that is a great matter of importance to our world.  People working on projects can even investigate the deadly and horrid disasters in the weather world such as hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis.  All these things are direct weather or a result of weather.

The biggest thing is before you ever jump into the project, make sure that you are going to enjoy it and learn something at the same time.  If neither of the aforementioned happen, then it will seem like a waste to yourself and a waste to those around you that you present it to.  Remember, the possibilities are endless.  Investigate the weather for what it is with science.