Life Cycle of Big Brown Bats

The big brown bat (Latin name Eptesicus fuscus) is a relatively large (hence its name) species for a bat, with a wingspan of roughly one foot. Like other bats, it is nocturnal, flies and hunts by navigating with ultrasonic bursts,…
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Life Cycle of a Box Jellyfish

Few sea creatures inspire as much fear as the infamous box jellyfish, whose venom is recognised as one of the most toxic substances in the world. Fortunately, their main habitat is confined to a relatively small part of the Indian…
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Life Cycle of Box Jellyfish

Most jellyfish, while considered slimy, disgusting and just plain annoying, will do little more than inflict a mild sting if an unwary swimmer happens to bump into them by mistake while swimming or wading along the shore line.  They are…
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