Can Stress Cause Headaches

According to the National Institutes of Health, stress commonly causes headaches. There are a number of types of headaches caused by stress. They include cluster, migraine, and tension headaches. Typically, those kinds of headaches are triggered by stress which is directly associated with life events. It is known that not all of types of headaches are caused by stress, but when you ask ‘can stress cause headaches?’, the answer is that stress can contribute to headaches. To know more about how stress can cause headaches and how to treat the condition, read the following information.

Types of Headaches Caused by Stress

Stress can trigger headaches. There are three types of headaches caused or triggered by stress. The first type is tension headache which is present with a tightening sensation on the both sides of the head. The severity of this type of headache may range from an isolated event to a frequent occurrence. It is clinically tested that women over the age of 20 may increase the risk for tension headache. Can stress cause headaches? Yes, stress can cause headaches. One of the types of headaches triggered by stress is migraine headache. It occurs with a throbbing and intense pain on one of the sides of the head.

The pain of migraine headache may last from a few hours up to a few days. Another type of headache which is triggered by stress is cluster headache. Cluster headache occurs with non throbbing pain on one of the sides of the head and behind an eye. It may occur for several days and it lasts from 30 to 40 minutes. This type of headache is actually more common in men than women.

Why Does Stress Cause Headache

It has been explained before that headache may be caused or triggered by stress. It is agreed that life events can lead to headaches which are associated with stress. Typically, the stressful life events may be caused by several problems including financial pressure, time management, parenthood, professional relationship, personal relationship, and many more. It has been reported that women are at greater risk for stress related headaches.

Stress can cause headaches which may range from mild to severe headaches. Thus, the treatment used may vary too. When it comes to short term care, it is recommended for you to take pain medications, magnetic therapy, massage, meditation, and many things that can make you feel more relaxed. On the other hand, if you experience severe headaches caused by stress, it is recommended for you to take hypnosis, psychologist consultant, or anti depressant medication.