Headaches and dizziness

headaches and dizzinessHeadaches and dizziness are two things, which is always closely related each other. It is because they always react in the head. If you feel dizziness, so you do not have to always experience headache. However, if you feel headache, then you must have previous experience dizziness. Headache will usually occur when a person is not in good condition. If the dizziness is not treated quickly, it will cause headaches. If the headache is not treated quickly too, so its influence will be more severe than what you imagine. There is some dizziness that you need to know.

Causes of vertigo

Dizziness is conditions that you feel yourself spinning in circles and then make you do not have the balance of the body again. Something that you have to do is to make you sit and try to stay relaxed. This common dizziness often occurs if you are not short of food and water shortages. Therefore, before you do an activity, then you should eat and drink enough in advance in order not to experience dizziness.

One of the most famous dizziness is vertigo. Vertigo is dizziness that is accompanied by headache. There are a number of causes of vertigo that you should be aware of such tension in the head. Tension on the head is caused by the routines of high work every day. It is usually experienced by some adults who have high activity and mobility. Of this activity, they get a number of stress and pressure from outside and from inside their body. If you include people who have high activities day-to-day, then you should pay attention to your health more than others. Every day’s activities that cause your body tired will trigger hypotension ortotastiok or low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure is due to the decrease in systolic blood pressure drastically. A symptom that you will experience if the vertigo happens to you is pain that occurs in the head accompanied by a sensation of spinning. It will happen when you wake up from a sitting or waking up from sleep. Especially if you wake up from sleep and then turned around, then you will feel tremendous pain. The effect is that you will lose your balance so that will likely be dropped back. In addition, a number of diseases such as heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy), abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmia) or a decrease in blood volume, which makes the flow of the heart, are inadequate and not current diseases. Thus are making the lack of blood coming out of the heart.

In addition, several abnormalities or sensory disorders become one of the causes of headache and dizziness or vertigo. Problems in the ear or inner ear (vestibular), which is an abnormality in the inner ear, can cause you to feel swayed while walking or being in a dark place. Disturbances and abnormalities of vision become one of the things that you should consider and tackle that you do not experience dizziness or vertigo or headache.

The second cause of vertigo is the presence of dangerous disease that is contained in your body such as cancer or tumors. If you have had an accident that causes injury to the head, then you have to be careful with the wound. It is because with a long time, the wound can form cancer or tumors. Vertigo that is caused by this fatal disease is accompanied by severe pain in the head. Healing is done for vertigo caused by cancer and tumors take longer if it is compared with vertigo caused by nervous tension in the head.

In addition, other causes that you do not even realize are that you often take your medicine. These medicines may consist of a number of chemical ingredients. Even medicines you take to treat cancer and tumors become one of the causes that can cause a very severe of dizziness or vertigo or headache. It becomes side effects of medicines that you are taking.

How to treat vertigo

If you are experiencing one kind of vertigo like the explanation above, then you should immediately consult and check it with your doctor. This is due to prevent you experience ongoing headaches. You will get some form of prescription medications and advice that should be done to overcome the vertigo. The advice usually is the implementation of therapy. Treatment of this therapy has been known since time immemorial. Therefore, the therapy is not only suitable to cope with headaches and dizziness, but also other diseases. If the overcoming is not taken immediately, it will cause some damage to the nerves in your body, especially in the head.

You can do several therapies. One of them is to do bekam or bloodletting the dirty bruise. The treatment comes from the Middle East to parts of the body that feels pain in the back, hips, shoulders, and even in the head. In addition, you can do a number of acupuncture therapeutic from China.