Can Chocolate Cause Headaches

Apparently, chocolate can cause headaches. Well, you don’t have to be surprised about this statement because you need to know more detailed information about it. It is known that cocoa beans are rich of caffeine which is useful for reducing fatigue. On the other hand, caffeine can also alleviate certain types of headaches. It is known that chocolate often has a high amount of sugar content. As a matter of fact, a high amount of sugar can alleviate headaches.

How Chocolate Can Cause Headaches

It is known that cocoa beans are rich sources of polyphenols which are antioxidants that can help eliminate free radicals in the body. In the meantime, cocoa beans also consist of certain vitamins and minerals needed to regulate muscle tension. Cocoa beans also contain caffeine which has various effects on the central nervous system and cardiovascular. Nowadays, chocolate are made commercially with high amount of sugar. As a matter of fact, sugar is known as one of the causes of certain headaches. Therefore, it is better to take commercial chocolate moderately.

Types of Headaches Caused by Chocolate

There are certain types of headaches caused by chocolate. They include migraine headaches, hypoglycemic headaches, and withdrawal headaches. Migraine headaches basically have poorly understood and complex causes. Migraine headaches occur on one side of the head. The pressure and pounding head pain of migraine headaches can last for hours. It is known that caffeine can cause vasoconstriction and reduce the blood flow. However, to combat migraine headaches, it seems that dark chocolate is one of the alternative treatments.

Can chocolate cause headaches? Yes, it can lead to hypoglycemic headaches. Lack of food and high dosages of insulin can cause hypoglycemic headaches. Hypoglycemic headaches are basically achy and dull. There are also other causes of hypoglycemic headaches. It is believed that drinking milk and white chocolate which contain a high amount of glycemic indexes and refined sugar content can contribute to hypoglycemic headaches.

Withdrawal headaches are the types of headaches typically caused by chocolate. It is known that consumption of refined sugar and caffeine can lead to physical dependency. This means that eating too much chocolate can cause addiction which can also lead to withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms for refined sugar and caffeine can lead to migraine like headaches. Taking chocolate moderately can even alleviate some headaches, and over consumption of chocolate can lead to more severe pain in the head.