Can Sugar Cause Headaches

Does sugar cause headaches? Basically, it has been clinically tested that food and ingredients in foods can contribute to migraine headaches up to 50%. Furthermore, sugar intake may also be one of the factors that can cause headaches. The good thing is that dietary habit is one of the factors that we have some control. This means that we can simply maintain and control sugar intake in order to avoid headaches and simply keep our general health healthy. So, how does sugar contribute to headaches? Check out the explanation below.

How Does Sugar Cause Headaches

It has been mentioned before that sugar may be one of the factors that can promote headaches. Sugar is basically a simple carb which translates into blood glucose immediately. Simple carbs or refined sugar can be found in a number of foods such as fructose in fruit, corn syrup on pancakes, or lactose in milk. In the meantime, you can also find complex carbs in certain foods like whole grain flour, rice, oatmeal, and many more. It is recommended for you to control your sugar intake in order to prevent headaches. Controlling sugar intake is also important for your overall health.

How can sugar cause headaches? Well, if your cells don’t get enough glucose, they are not able to process food and oxygen. This condition is called hypoglycemia. It has been reported that people who suffer from migraine are craving got carbohydrates before the attack. It is a signal of low blood sugar. This condition is also triggered by a large amount of simple carbs like sugar. When you get a high amount of simple carbs or sugar, your arteries are forced to spasm without oxygen from brain cells. This can lead to the painful cramping or also known as headache

Consequences of Sugar which Can Result In Headaches

It has been reported that taking a large amount of sugar or simple carbs per day can lead to lightheadedness, sweating, headache, and also change in the level of consciousness. As explained earlier that this is something that we can control. This means that instead of taking a high amount of sugar, it is better to take a sensible intake of it. So, cutting back the consumption of sugar or simple carbs is important in order to prevent headaches from occurring, and simply maintain your overall health.

Even though sugar cannot lead directly to headaches, the over-consumption of sugar can cause headaches. As mentioned earlier, controlling your sugar intake is really important for you. This means that if your sugar intake is controlled, you may reduce the risk factors for headaches and other serious condition associated with uncontrolled blood sugar level.