How to get Rid of Menstrual Cramps

Millions of women suffer from monthly menstrual pain that is so severe, it makes daily life a difficult task. Coupled with a life filled with responsibility, adding to stress the cramping, bloating, headaches and stomach pain are often so bad women are forced to call in sick to work. To get rid of menstrual cramps from that time of the month, many women turn to various medications such as Tylenol, Motrin and even prescription drugs. Many women are turning to contraceptive pills that enable you to have your period only four times a year.

But because we are women and we are strong, many women do not want the hassle of taking prescription medication. That’s why you may have to deal with period pain from time to time without the benefits of medication. There are various ways to deal with cramping, bloating,  stomach pain, back pain, or back spasms without using medication.

To alleviate menstrual pain without using medication try these methods:

Cut back on the caffeine in your beverages

Keep away from beverages containing caffeine when you are in the menstrual cycle, because the caffeine in these items like coffee or chocolate even tea will get your pain and cramp worse.

Exercise makes your body feel better

Exercise like a yoga pose can really help with cramps. It will get you feel better and ease the pain. An aerobic activity like walking and jogging even riding can also be a good way to help your cramps in the period.

Eat healthy foods

Did you ever notice that you get leg cramps in the middle of the night? Your body is trying to tell you that you are in need of vital vitamins and nutrients such as calcium, potassium and B vitamins. Eating foods rich in calcium, potassium, and B vitamins helps to ease menstrual cramps, and the pain associated with nasty cramps. Eating a diet rich in natural nutrients, and vitamins helps every body, as well as menstruating women to stay healthy and cramp-free. Bananas, broccoli, milk and the pill form of vitamins will help your body deal with menstrual pain.

Water eases the pain of cramps

Did you ever try swimming while you are in the painful throes of menstrual cramps? It really works. Swimming in water will ease the pain associated with menstrual cramps, backache and the bloating. The water soothes your aching, sore, tired muscles any time of the month, and it works wonders to ease your cramping. Even taking a warm soothing shower or a bath helps. Sitting in a Jacuzzi will help your body feel more relaxed and work out the cramping also. Swimming is an overall body exercise and will work out the cramps. Too bad you can’t stay in the water all day, right?

Massage those cramps away!

Ask your life partner to massage your back and your aching sides. Massage your own back and sides and you will reap these positive benefits. Schedule a monthly massage with a local spa and get a body massage to take care of the menstrual pain. The masseuse will be massaging the extra fluids gained at this time of the month out of your body also!

Another great reason to have sex

Next time you are experiencing painful cramps and bloating during your menstrual cycle grab your life partner and have sex. Having sex makes the cramps go away for a little while anyways. You will feel relaxed ,upbeat and your cramps will be alleviated. Having sex will send positive hormones rushing through your body and the sex will act like an exercise to make you feel better. Besides, studies have been done on male sperm, and according to research scientists sperm inside a woman makes her feel more positive. (Possibly, those researchers are totally messing with our heads!)

There are ways to get rid of menstrual pain without using medication. Take a long, steamy hot shower. Drink plenty of water, and eat healthy foods, especially foods containing calcium because calcium, and potassium help keep cramps to a minimum also.

Herbal Remedies for Menstrual Cramps at Home

Doctors claim that the pain occurs due to an abundance of bad prostaglandins which constrict the blood vessels and cause spasms of the muscular wall of the uterus. Prostaglandins are natural anti-inflammatory chemicals which the body makes from essential fatty acids. Not all of them are good. The good ones ward off inflammation and pain, but the bad ones cause inflammation. Your diet depends to a large degree on whether the body makes good or bad ones.

In recent times, birth control tablets are being used to bring relief, but the natural herbal remedies our mothers and grandmothers gave us still work well. An infusion of orange peel with a few cloves added works wonders. So too does an infusion of raspberry leaves or a decoration of Chinese angelica roots or black haw bark. You can also try the following herbs which are quite beneficial:

1. Feverfew

In recent times it has been discovered that an infusion of the bitter leaves of feverfew can relieve migraines. This herb, has since ancient Roman times been a medicinal for a wide range of ills, Drinking a leaf infusion of it, or eating only about four small leaves daily can also help the to relieve menstrual pain.

2. Garlic

Garlic is also one of the oldest and well valued medicinal as well as culinary herbs. Eat it raw or use as an infusion or tincture internally for your menstrual pain.

3. Ginger

Here is another familiar, traditional remedy for many ills. Use as an infusion.

4. Hops

Hops does more than serve as a flavoring and preservative in beer. It can also be used for health. Use as a tincture for relieving your pain. It will do a twofold job if you cannot sleep because of your pain, because an infusion of hops is also good for insomnia.

5. Thyme

Thyme is well-known for its culinary, medicinal and antiseptic properties. Use as an infusion internally.

The good thing about these herbs is that you do not have to experience any side effects, which you would probably do with over the counter pain killers. Start taking the herbs about a week before menstruation.

Essential fatty acids can play a crucial role because of their effect on production of prostaglandins. A proper diet in conjunction with fish oil will help to control the production prostaglandins and help the uterus to relax. The bad ones will cause spasms and cramping. In conclusion, nutritional therapy in conjunction with the above-mentioned herbs can go a long way in providing you with relief.