Why do we need to Sleep

Living things and the movements of the stars are experiencing cycles. Humans breath in, breath out; wake and sleep follows suit. Cells regenerate during sleep. This is true for animals and plants alike. Regeneration requires energy. Various vitamins can help make the most of periods of awake, versus periods of sleep. A simple example would be to take B vitamins in the morning for a daily boost of energy; And calcium at night for rest and rejuvination. These vitamins work in part to make the body function to it it’s potential.

With sleep, we can then avoid feeling lethargic, tired. During sleep, the body carries bi-products of daily activity through the blood stream, to the digestive tract. Cells that have passed their cycle of usefulness must be discarded. Without an avenue of release, the body can experience toxic build up. After hard labor, for example, your muscles can feel sore. This is the result of a bi-product of energy production for muscles. The chemical responsible for causing soreness of muscles is called lactic acid. The lactic acid is trapped inside the muscle tissue. Massage helps muscle tissue by relieving inflammation. Massage also directs the lactic acid in to the bloodstream. From the bloodstream, lactic acid, used up cells and other bodily debris is carried to to the digestive tract and let out as waste.

Without proper deliverance of waste out of our body, we feel pain and discomfort in various ways. Therefore, allowing the body to rest for sufficient amount of time for many functions to work completely permits you to feel better and function better during your waking hours.

It has been said that without sleep, a person can go crazy and even die. It only takes three days with no sleep to onset critical reaction from the body. Compare that to the ability for some to fast ( go without food ) for one month. Compare that to the need for water, of which one can suffer extraordinarily without it after three days. Sleep is crucial.

Dreams make themselves evident in our sleep, whereas, we rely on our imagination while awake. Dreams are reagarded differently from one culture to the next. It is believed that one can practice lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when the sleeper is consciously in control of the events occuring in the dream. The act of taking control during R.E.M can create a special sense of confidence in a person. Indeed, clubs and books have been written on the subject of lucid dreaming. Plus, what is seen in dreams have historically been associated with aspects of our lives. For some, a dream is an answer and a guide.

You may be the kind of person who does not remember your dreams. Nonetheless, while in R.E.M, dream state, the electrical impulses of your brain cause the dreams that you have, exposing your subconcious to a set of concepts relevant to your life experience. Brainstorming, you could say, while you sleep. For a normal and healthy person, this dreaming affair is disconnected from withhold or kinds of demand and frustrations that we feel while awake. So then the dream is uninhibited by your own little voice. This may allow your dreams, if you permit them, to be a guide down you own path in life.

So, two reasons to sleep well: to heal your body and to gain wisdom.