Lucid Dreaming Explained

Lucid dreams very simply stated is a dream in which you are completely aware that you are dreaming. The degree of your “lucidity” or awareness can vary according to what the strength of your conscious is to focus. The presence of critical faculty and mental ability to take control of a dream itself varies greatly from person to person. Lucid dreaming is very similar to astral projection as it can be spontaneous or intentional experience, only more commonly remembered than astral projection. For the most part lucidity in dreams is triggered by something which would not occur in reality or could not occur.

The mysterious thing about lucid dreaming is that once your realize that you are dreaming, you can direct the dream in any direction that you wish to take. In lucid dreaming there are no boundaries to your experiences or your actions. In a lucid dream no time exists. It is a true form of the subconscious mind connecting with the conscious mind. Lucid dreaming is one of the reasons that that the astral plane of the dream is also called the “desire world”. As lucid dreams take place in the astral plan, we can project, create, or destroy anything that blocks our own abilities. Many times lucid dreaming can allow you to play out difference scenarios with different consequences of an action you need to make; thus allowing you to think completely through any decision.

A lucid dream may feel that the emotions, thoughts, and feelings are so real you can actually wonder if it was truly a dream. Another aspect of lucid dreaming is that it is possible for a person to induce a lucid dream. There are a number of techniques to invoke the lucid dream; however, the simplest of all of them by far is learning to awake you from the dream state to a lucid dream state. Lucid dreams can happen any time that regular dreams happen. Every person has four to five dream periods each night and each of these dream periods can contain multiple dreams.

In lucid dreaming the reality that you are dreaming in allows you to have an inside perspective of your life. By learning to dream lucidity you can blend your waking conscious self with your dreaming subconscious self. By prompting your subconscious during sleep, the intellectual knowledge gained about yourself can propel you into a more purpose filled and successfully aware person.