57 Alien Species are we alone

If 57 Alien species have been identified, why ask if we’re alone in the Universe?

Imagine waking up one morning. You get out of bed and head to the bathroom to prepare yourself for the day. Your plans run through your head; getting the kids ready for school, eating breakfast, fighting drivers on your way to work, and working.

While at work, you talk to your coworkers about things you normally talk about.

All of a sudden, a friend runs up to you guys; surprise, and disbelief dominating her face. She asks, “Did you guys hear the news on the radio?” Immediately, thoughts cross your mind. Was there a terrorist attack? Did the Stock Market tumble? Was there another shooting in the mall? Was there a major accident? Did a belligerent country finally snap? Curiosity gets the best of you when you ask, “What’s going on?” as you follow your friends to the nearest TV.

“The government is making an official announcement. They’re talking about 57 alien species they’ve identified, and that some of those species have been visiting us since the caveman times!”

How would you react? Reading this article and knowing that the above scenario is fiction, you’d have one of three thoughts:

* I wouldn’t be surprised, they exist and we can’t possibly be alone.

* It’s possible, we need more research; I could go either way.

* They don’t exist, nice story though.

But what if this happened for real? This isn’t a simple matter of admitting these aliens exist, then moving on. The stories surrounding these alien species come with lots of Pandora’s Boxes. They’re connected to other government cover-ups; some of those closely guarded secrets may cause you to question reality.

In the non fiction book, “Above Top Secret,” government agents allegedly interviewed captured aliens. Per these “interviews,” they found out that Aliens intervened in our evolution more than once. The dates that these aliens claim to have “adjusted” our genetic makeup corresponds to when our species made evolutionary jumps.

Even the Bible drops clues to substantiate these tales. According to the witness interviewed in the above book, there’s a secret government program analyzing the Bible.

Is it possible that the Bible contains cryptic tales of what actually happened? What would those government agents be looking for? They’d have to release these findings if the government admits that aliens exist. When this happens, one of two things may give; the government’s credibility or the general population’s sanity.

What would we learn from their efforts?

God makes this statement in Genesis, “Let’s make them in our own image, in on our likeness.” Different bibles word that differently, but the theme is the same. God references others with him.

Other creation legends substantiate this theme. God wasn’t alone, but came with companions, an entire race of “gods.” The Sumerians go into more detail and describe a race of gods that created us in their image. The main god infuses his blood into man.

Blood contains DNA. What better way to create “one” in your image than to provide your DNA?

The biblical tale twists beyond this. The Bible describes angels as looking like humans. Despite religious paintings depicting them as winged people, the Bible makes no mention of birdlike wings on their backs. Angel comes from a term that means “messenger,” which describes the role these angels played in the old and new testaments.

In fact, angels needed chariots to fly into the heavens. While they conducted business with Moses, they left their chariots in a compartment in the Tabernacle, wings folded in place. The bible describes these chariots as having “insect like” wings. “Insect like” in that these “wings” were transparent and looked like helicopter rotors. These chariots flew to the heavens on a pillar of flame by night and a pillar of cloud by day.

The next time you see a Space Shuttle, or rocket launch, notice how it also flies to the heavens on a pillar of flame by night, or a pillar of cloud by day.

If there’s a secret government program investigating the bible, it’s not to learn how to become better people. They’d be doing it to connect the pieces of the alien story. They’d have to come clean with the results of this investigation, not just the existence of aliens.

Their revelations would turn your world upside down.

All of a sudden, you’ll feel like you were adopted, and that most of what you learned and believed about us, and what’s in the universe, is a lie. The knowledge that’s revealed would do more than throw us out of our comfort zone. It’d blast us so far from it that we wouldn’t be able to see our comfort zone with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Imagine if a “giant hand” reached into this reality, grabbed you, and pulled you out of this reality and into another one.

One that you can’t recognize, there’s nothing familiar about this place, nothing here follows the same rules of the place you took for granted. The “hand” leaves you there. It disappears and says, “This is your new home, you’ll never see your friends, family, home, or world again.”

Why are we still debating if we’re alone in the Universe, despite UFO sightings? Because of the above scenario, governments may feel that humanity isn’t ready for the answer.