57 Alien Species


Riding alone, down a single lane country road, a flash of light caught her eye. She looked around, thinking that it meant a car was coming, but a second flash made her look upward. There, hovering near an abandoned farm house, was a silver, bar-b-que shaped aircraft. It danced to and fro in the morning light; the only object in the cloudless ski.

She watched with fascination and delight, identifying windows around the mid-section of the craft. Then, as suddenly as it had caught her attention, it was gone. It left no trace, no smoke trail, and no markings on the ground. She started in wonder and amazement, until her horse grew restless and began to stamp impatiently. Quietly she turned towards home, wondering. . .

Are we alone in the universe?

It stands to reason that we are not. We can see two billion light years away with the aid of the Hubble Telescope, and identify thousands of galaxies. In all those stars, what are the chances that we are the only life in the universe, or even in our galaxy? Mathematically speaking, I would say the chances are quite small.

Apparently, I am not alone in thinking that we are not alone. According to Sergeant Clifford Stone, of the USA Army, who was part of an Extraterrestrial Recovery Team, the United States government has cataloged 57 alien species by the time he got out, in 1989.

When asked what they look like, Sergeant Stone was a bit vague, stating that many of them are very human like, and could even walk among us, unnoticed, except for their extra abilities and heightened senses. He questioned why so many of the 57 alien species were humanoid, asking “. . . if life evolved on some different planet, wouldn’t they developed into some different form?”

A quick search on You-Tube will give you a good idea of what many of the 57 alien species look like. Some are the tall greenish fellows, with big eyes, commonly known as Greys. Some appear more human like, while some are more reptilian. There are sightings of serpents in the ski and monsters under the sea.

What are all of these creatures? Where do they come from? Why are so many of them Humanoid? Are they mortal beings? How long has man been aware of these creatures, that we share the universe with?

These are just a few of the many questions being asked, concerning the 57 alien species. Some of these questions, we have answers to. Some are still the being researched. Others, we will never know the answers to.

Man has long been aware that he is not alone in the universe. However, he has not always called the beings he shares it with Aliens.

The Bible speaks of angels and demons, as mostly invisible creatures of many forms. They are referred to as Cherubim and Seraphim. The Devil is referred to as a serpent and a dragon, amongst other names. They are called watchers, regarding their observance of man, chariots, referring to their swiftness, and stars. When angels or demons are seen, man’s typical reaction is fear. Stories from cultures around the world and throughout time, lead one to believe we are not alone.

Are aliens mortal beings? According to Sergeant Clifford Stone, yes, aliens are mortal. They have been found dead at crash sights, and captured live.

As to what the 57 alien species are, where they come from, and why they look the ways they do, who can say? It is anyone’s guess.