Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

The amazing story of Wendelle C. Stevens, a retired Air Force pilot-turned-UFO investigator and researcher.

Ret. USAF Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens recalls seeing UFO’s in the Artic region back in 1947. Wendelle C. Stevens was born January 18, 1923 and served in the Army Air Force, in 1942. He was stationed at Wright Field as part of a large technical review program of captured Nazi air technical documents. After the war ended Stevens was then assigned to Alaska during that time the United States began extensive surveillance and mapping missions of Alaska and the north polar regions. Between 1947 to 1949, he supervised a highly classified team of technical specialists who installed sophisticated data collecting equipment aboard the SAC B-29’s.

Known as Project Ptarmigan, a hi-tech research project, photographing and mapping the Artic land and sea area in great detail. After the war with Germany and the concerns of Russia, the US Military wanted to analyze all EMF emissions in the Arctic, to record, capture on film any and all anomalous phenomena, and keep a record of any electrical disturbances or engine systems from possible aircraft, looking for any external influences caused by unidentified flying objects.

Their efforts were not in vain and quite prolific. Stevens often received reports from flight crews about what pilots back than were calling bogies or UFO’s. Stevens was getting numerous reports on multiple sightings all the time. One report even stated seeing a UFO traveling under water, surfacing, and than flew away at a high rate of speed. He knew nothing on Earth could do that, no known craft with 1940’s technology could maneuver like that. To backup any claims all B-29’s flying these reconnaissance missions had a variety of cameras on them and they took numerous amounts of film footage. But Colonel Stevens states that all B-29’s captured footage of UFO’s were packed and shipped out to Washington, DC. Where Pentagon Intelligence personnel would take the film, and after that, no one ever hears anything more about it.

Stevens was very intrigued by all the evidence being recovered by Project Ptarmigan. But

everything was sent to Washington, DC. in a veil of secrecy and kept totally under raps.

Stevens began his own UFO investigation while still in the military. He started collecting photographs and eyewitness accounts of close encounters. When he retired from the US Air Force, Stevens continued with his own research and collection of UFO reports. From his own UFO investigation over the years he has written and co-authored over 30 books on the subject. His private collection of more than 4,000 UFO photographs is unsurpassed. Stevens is well into his 80’s now and still has the unquenchable thirst to simply know the truth about what UFO’s really are.

The US Military and Intelligence Agencies consider UFO’s a National security problem. These flying objects can invade our air space and out fly our best planes. Any detail information about them is Top Secret and only those who need to know or have special security clearance can know the truth, compared to those who are out of the loop, including civilians and low-level non-security military personnel are kept out of the secret, and will never know.

Why are former Astronauts and retired US Military officers coming forward now to tell the public about what they know about UFO’s? Because now they can. The Laws are harsh and penalties severe for military personnel who expose the truth about the validly of UFO’s. If you talk, your breaking National security laws and could face prison time, and a fine, and other things to make your life difficult. The reality is clear: UFO’s are a problem indeed.

For the Intelligence Agencies who collect data and cover-up evidence away from the public, they seem not so much concerned that these could be real extraterrestrial beings, freely flying above our cities and doing who knows what? But agencies like the CIA are more concern about regular civilians and low-level military personnel eyewitnessing any kind of UFO’s in America or any other part of the world, who are not part of the cover-up scandal. If all UFO’s ever sighted were simply classified top secret air planes from the US Military, they wouldn’t want anyone to know about it either, while they test a new machine, it could be hidden from view for almost twenty years in development like the F-117 plane and B-2 Stealth bomber made operational by 1980 and revealed to the public in 1989. That kind of secret for a new fighter craft is understandable. But let the public know eventually. By cloaking the truth for more than 70 years is a bit excessive and unfair to the public.

But why cover-up anything at all? Unless, the powers that be have discovered something out there that is highly advance and technologically more superior then ourselves. With a level of sophistication that frightens the present day Air Force still. This becomes an International problem as well. If the technology is our own than the Governments of all the world should use it for peaceful purposes and break the code of silence. If not, then people have a right to know exactly what we are dealing with.