Why is it Important for a Person to be Validated

Being heard or validated is very important to a person. Why? It makes them feel understood. Being understood helps a person feel they can relate to others as well. There is power in having someone agree. From time to time, we all experience this constant need to fit in and belong somewhere. This is what validation provides in essence. It helps us feel we belong somewhere.

When it comes to relationships and business validation becomes a prominent part of life. One of the reasons people get into relationships is to feel connected to another person. Validation is the source of it. Having someone say ” I understand.” or ” I get you, that makes sense.”, makes all the difference to us. This basic form of confirmation is often the beginning of something wonderful. It brings a sense of comfort and serenity. In the back of a person mind, they may be thinking. ” Finally, someone understands where I’m coming from. Im not by myself anymore.

The truth is that we all have something to say. Feeling and being heard is vital because it confirms our inner voice. No one likes to feel as if they have no voice. Coming into agreement with others makes us feel a voice is heard.

I remember growing up with childhood friend. Her and I met in the second grade. She didn’t know anyone and felt alone. I approached her at the age of 6 and asked her if she needed someone to talk to. She looked at me with light tears in her eyes and said ” yes”. From there on out, I told her I would be her friend. We are now in our late 20’s and have a strong bond. She felt like she had no voice, but i came up to her and let her know she could confide in me because I’d always be there. This is what it means to be validated. It is basically having someone agree with you and hear you.

No matter how old a person becomes they need confirmation. It is almost a constant need that follows a person. They want and need someone to agree with them. When a person gets this validation, they often feel more connected and in tune with the person they are seeking it from. It also helps them in relationships and this helps it flourish as well. It is needed for this reason.

Validation is as important as relationships. Both elements help us to interact and connect with others on many levels. No one is here themselves and this is why the need for it is there.