Where Ufos come from

This is an abstract question that like the question about the existence of God has not been answered as of yet.  In this article, I will give my opinion about whether UFO’s exist or not.  In addition, I aim through writing this article to arouse the thinking and imagination of people about topics considered as far as taken for granted on our nowadays life.

 This question refers indirectly also to the question about the possible existence of other lives in our universe since UFO’s are guided by other people and not by themselves that can live in space or in other planets in the universe.  Some people in the past claimed to have seen UFO’s before but this is mostly a wishful saying and information that probably does not have any basis.  In order to understand why, I am going to give more details about it.

 We are living on the planet earth which has all the conditions to maintain life for humans and animals in addition to plants.  These conditions for life are not present accidentally.  Namely, they were not found on earth by accident but they are programmed conditions that were made by higher forces than humans in oder to support our life here. 

 For example, the existence of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is not there by chance or accidentally.  It was created  to protect life on earth from the damaging effect of the ultra violet radiation from the sun.  There must be some force that has created the ozone layer.  Also the radiation from the sun which provides us with heat and energy to sustain life and created days and nights is not accidental. 

 All are done for one purpose to maintain or sustain life on earth for humans and animals.  Obviously there is a purpose for our existence on this planet otherwise our existence would not worth all these preprogrammed conditions on earth.  Also the harmony between the days and nights that we have and the nature of humans in their physiological need for sleeping.  This is also not accidental. 

 UFO’s in general and aliens in particular undoubtedly are existent but their lives are beyond the perception and sensation of our limited senses.  In addition we live under certain mental conditions that we call consciousness.  The other lives that probably exist have probably other mental life such as an altered form of consciousness.  These people do not live under conscious state of the brain.  There life is probably an imitation to a psychotic episodes in humans. 

 This form of life is not possible to communicate with our conscious life for the difference in state of dimensions between the two worlds.  For this reason of different mental life that is provided by other aliens a good candidate who can mimic aliens life are the group of mentally ill people in our definition.  Especially important are those people with psychotic illnesses since they can experience conditions that resemble those that are experienced by aliens.

 These people often claim to hear and see things and voices that normal people do not see or hear.  It is really a thing that matters the study and investigation on the scientific level since these people might be the answer to the riddle of whether there are aliens travelling in UFO’s or not.  These people are living in a different form of consciousness that is detached from our reality of how we perceive the world.  This is one way how aliens think.   By altering the form of consciousness in these psychotic people they enter into a world that can let them mimic aliens form of life. Eventually they are able to communicate with them. 

 In the language of science of mathematics and physics we are living in a three dimensional world which can be extended to four dimensions at speeds close to the speed of light.  By altering the form of consciousness in people such as those under psychotic episodes they enter a world which is higher in dimension, exactly the one required for living in other dimensions. 

 The first dimension that can be a candidate for aliens life is a world in five dimensions in which people in this dimension experience no gravity although they have a weight.  According to newton laws there is a gravitational field that attracts all objects that have a mass.  In the fifth dimension, Newton laws do not apply because people do not experience gravity in this dimension. 

 Obviously higher dimensions can also have other forms of life.  People in fifth dimension do not breathe oxygen because they are not dependent on the condition on earth for their life.  They are mostly robots that can think and function like humans.  For these reasons I strongly believe that UFOs and aliens exist but the problem is that we do not have the capacity to communicate with them or sense their existence due to our limited senses and due to our mentally unique way of living which is called consciousness.