Are People alone in the Universe

One of the most puzzling questions to humanbeings, which had not been answered for centuries already is that are we alone in this universe? Or are there other kinds of lives on other planets in our galaxy or in other galaxies? This question has a definite answer according to heavenistic religions, which assert that god had created this universe, and also created all human beings, and other kinds of animals on this planet.

However, for scientists that believe in natural lows and believe in cause and effect this question remains unanswered to this day. There are in addition to this also other questions that need to be addressed and answered such as where do we go after we die and how are we born? These are few of the questions that humans could not answer so far.

This book is an attempt to arouse your thinking, and imagination about things that were believed to be a taken for granted issues from the point of view of religion. I am not trying in what follows to hurt the feelings of people who strongly believe in religion in which they were upbrought about it since their childhood.

I am trying to give scientific ideas in contrast to other believed ideas, which do not have any scientific bases to things that belong to our lives. I was upbrought in a secular family in which my father and mother belonged formally to Islam. However, practically they were not religious at all, and as a child that was upbrought this way I didn’t have any religious inclination. So for me religions did not mean much to me.

People find peace of mind by practicing their religion. This is probably true of all people. I must say that I was lucky that I did not find my peace of mind in religion. Later in my life I found a tendency to practice science, and I felt comfortable dealing with nature in a scientific way. This gave me a kind of self identity, which I could not find in religion such as Islam. Many people especially scientists and people in the academy have similar thinking and tendencies. However, they are not many in comparison to religious people.

Since the beginning of life on this planet people tried to find peace of mind by building for themselves models for a god. They first hollied the fire and sculptures, and behaved towards them as their god. All this behavior came because they could not explain why we die or how do we come to life. So humans needed a god in order to explain their deficiencies. After that there was the era of the prophets, who might had supernatural ability which enabled them to convince other people that they are messengers of real god. All these explanations are to the point of view of the author are false, especially the prophets vision.

To my opinion life on this planet was created by aliens (creatures living in higher dimensions than our dimension). These aliens are living in a world, which to us is an imaginary world, the so called world of imagination. We are living in a world of three dimensions, and at speeds very close to the speed of light another dimension comes into play (t! ime). Aliens are living one dimension higher. Namely in five dimensions. This fifth dimension is characterized by lack of gravity. While gravity affects human beings on earth, it does not have any effect on creatures living in five dimensions.

No one in this world knows why we sleep or why we dream. Freud tried to explain dreams based on unconscious wishes. However, until today no one succeeded to give a satisfactory explanation. So humans effort in the scientific sense must go in the direction of sleep and dream research, if they want to know how aliens exist or how they communicate. There must be mathematical models for dreams that govern them not just qualitative interpretations. Vision is the second subject that needs to be investigated and discovered. Our vision in three dimensions is very limited.

So the question is how we conceive vision in higher dimensions. Another thing that needs to be investigated is the weather and how the changes in it occurs? And to search for possible relations between it and higher dimensions. I would like to say that mental illness is a great asset to the scientist to investigate. One of the things to investigate in this issue is the relation between mood of persons and weather conditions as occur in some mental patients.

In addition to all these questions, I would like to add another question that needs to be investigated, and it is why our earth keeps rotating all the time for many million years already? Inspite of the frictional force between the earth crust and the atmosphere. All these points should be investigated and find relation between them and higher dimensions.

Another question that needs to be studied is human memory. How do we memorize things and forget others and we must compare it with memories in higher dimensions. What is the meaning of understanding of things? Why some people are smarter than others? And why some people grasp concepts more easily than others. There should be mathematical models for human thinking and for human memories. In order to understand all these things we must study animals as well.

The personalities of animals are strange enough to be studied and compared to human personalities. In order to be able to study all these things, a scientist must be multidisciplinary in his education. Namely he must possess degrees in mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. In our days and in order to perform such a comprehensive research as afore mentioned one must have a wide background of multidisciplinary science.