When and when not to think Logically

There are many things in life that can be considered an art form, yet still be subjected to the laws of science and observation. The ability to think logically and detect patterns is one of the primary characteristics of the human being’s mental anatomy.

Many experts feel, and I tend to agree with them, that momentary crisis or emergency drives most people into fight or flight mode. A state of mind where all the senses react with speed, but not necessarily with precision. The ability to keep one’s head and use logical thinking processes during a crisis is what will separate the leaders from the followers, and the weak from the strong. For example, in self defense classes, students are taught to, above all, keep control of the situation at all times. Every situation is not predictable, but every problem can be solved with clear headed thinking. However, not all situations are entirely explainable or logical.

This brings me back to my original point that some things can be considered an art form. Raising children is a practice that is often analyzed through and through with some sort of scientific reasoning that simply may not work for some children. It is truly an art form, although you would think that something so long term, especially with mankind’s long years of practice and experience, could be reduced and simplified into a logical, scientific analysis of data.

Another fun aspect of life is contained in that mysterious word that no one really seems to know the true meaning of, love. Although there seem to be many websites advertising the ability to find the perfect companion for life through many personality tests and basic analysis, I remain skeptical. The success stories are outweighed by the rising divorce rates. People have tried, once again, to reduce an unexplainable phenomenon to an observable pattern of data. Even individual therapists can have a lot of trouble helping just one person with finding their mate, and these people all of the sudden have it all figured out? Please. For those of you that this program has worked for, count yourself lucky. The proof is in the pudding and time will tell whether those relationships will last or not. I remain skeptical.

So, in those situations which seem to be the most hectic or explosive, such as being attacked on the street, keep your head and logic or you won’t survive for long. And for the rest of you people that think they have the world of relationships figured out, best of luck to you. And I mean that.